• any suggestion for a just learning how to count cards? I'm just looking to take the next step in my game.
  • Specs- There is a lot of good info in Fred Renezy's Blackjack Bluebook II, to name just one.
  • hmm. i would go with Knock Out Blackjack. its easy and still effective, and the book is an easy read.
  • Specks

    Blackjack Bluebook by Fred Renzy is my pick. I use the A-10 front count. Easy to use and if your spread is 1-6 it will give you at least an even game and maybe a little better than even game if the rules at your game are fairly good.

  • I also am using Renzey's book. As a beginner, I am finding it better to work my way through it one step at a time. He makes it easy to learn one step, practice it, use it, then move on.
  • thanks. ill keep me eye out for it. do you think ill find it at a chapters or ill have to order it in
  • Also i was just curious if anyone knows anywhere that has information on the effectiveness of the many card counting methods. Is there any one method that gives the highest advantage to the player, or would the increase in advantage be so insignificant its not really worth the extra work to learn a complicated system.
  • Specs, Renzey's "Blue Book" evaluates most of the common card
    counting systems in both betting and playing efficiency,etc. He also
    addresses the relative merits in terms of gain for levels 1,2,3. I think
    he also defines performance as related to the game; decks,rules(not
    sure about this last thing,other folks have my book).

  • Specs, Amazon.com carries the book.
  • Specs- You may want to check out these sites :

    Check out the BJ school at casinogambling.
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