What's Spanish 21?
  • I'm here in Connecticut on business. At the Mohegan Sun in the evening I noticed a lot of the Spanish 21 tables had limits I was more comfortable with than the $15 and up regular blackjack tables, and they have all these bonuses and other things that sound favorable, so where's the catch? What's the difference between the games? Is this the one where they take out all the ten-spot cards so you only have J Q and K for that value?
  • Yep,that's the game.......Here are the basics in a nutshell:

    Spanish 21 is played with a 48 card deck. The 10s have been removed from the game, however, the casino has added some little bonuses for players to offset part of the added house advantage.

    When playing Spanish 21, the rules are similar to Blackjack; however, the following enhanced rules apply:

    * Player's 21 always wins over the dealer's 21.
    * Player's Blackjack always wins over the dealer's Blackjack. (Pays out 3:2).
    * Outside of 21 and Blackjack, all other ties are pushed.
    * Player can double down on any number of cards, even after splits.
    * Player is allowed to split pairs, including aces, up to four hands.
    * After receiving the first two cards, the player is allowed to surrender, for which they would only lose half their bet. However, surrendering when the dealer has Blackjack is not permitted.
    * Dealer hits on a soft 17.
    * The player can perform a double down rescue; where you're able to surrender the original bet, and save the double down bet.
  • Warning : As there are now one fouth less 10 value cards, there are changes is basic strategy. Before you play it, check out the basic strategy, For Spanish 21...
  • midnite said:
    Warning : As there are now one fouth less 10 value cards, there are changes is basic strategy. Before you play it, check out the basic strategy, For Spanish 21...

    Thanks Grif. Excellent info and very important reminder.

    Desert Dog
  • The typical HA for Spanish 21 is just under 1% (and that's playing perfect BS) which is pretty lousy.
  • I ended up playing it on a cruise ship. Didn't even realize it until I was already at the table. Gradually, I saw these improved payoffs and was wondering what the catch was. I think it was the Jacks they took out of this one. When the "catch" was explained to me I got pretty suspicious, but was curious enough not to get up immediately. It didn't take long, however, to figure out I didn't like that game.
  • is 0.4% at Mohegan Sun using 8 decks. Since the dealer STANDS on soft 17, this is anearly identical to the 6 and 8 Deck regular 21 offered (HA= 0.33 and 0.35% respectively).

    Definately find a strategy card.

    Other plusses include 777 and 678 21's, and 6,7,8 card 21. Jackpot is 777 suited to a dealer 7 up. All four of the 7's suited wins 5000. If your first 2 7's are suited to the dealers 7 and you draw off-suit 7 you get 1000. I had this situation and drew a 6 recently....almost!

  • Yeah, when I was in Vegas I saw this game... never bothered to play it though... isn't it offered DD and Single on the strip? If so, what's the HA & do they still stand on 17? I think that's quite gay, yeah. Also, where's the BS tables on this game?

    sausage LINKS, anyone?
  • http://www.customstrategycards.com/rules_lvs_N.htm

    has a listing for LV Spanish 21 locations, HA, and of course the inexpensive Strat. Cards. It would appear Spanish 21 in Vegas is Dealer HITS soft 17 6 or 8 decks.


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