BlackJack magazine?
  • Hi all, new poster long time viewer. I play AC BJ alot and am looking for a magazine strictly dedicated to blackjack. I get casino player in the mail and also read henrys email newsletter but is there any mag that is dedicated to blackjack strategy, best penetration casinos, worst, etc..

    Also, I was in AC yesterday and got to see the trop garage tragedy, what a mess! But the casino stayed open, believe that or not!
  • Hello Slick, Rather than a mag., why don't you go to
    There are quite a few writers there and many have some very good info.
    I like Renzey and especially John May. May thinks out of the block, a
    wild duck so to speak, and that, I'd like to think, is more like self.

    Anyway, welcome to the set and don't be shy with your opinions and
    thoughts. We all have thick skins.......

  • is great. i have spent the past few hours reading very helpful articles. thanks for the website.
  • slicknick: I like Midwest Gaming and Travel Magazine. Check out their website -- Lots of good writers, many articles and monthly columns on BJ and other games. Well worth the $24 a year.
  • Great! thanks for the fast and informative input. I look forward to growing my playing skills and having a good time.


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