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  • I'm a newbie and a recreational player, and I'm really glad I found this place. It really is an outstanding resource, imo.

    I live in Colorado and have a question about our casinos. With regard to Blackjack, I've come to the conclussion that they are a waste of time. Every table in Colorado has a $5-per-hand wager limit, though you can split and double down on anything. The only way to increase your wager is through a series of "streak bets" that, from my understanding, are sucker bets. Of course, everything is dealt from shoes (6 or 8 deck... not sure).

    I generally don't play these places anymore since they've basically stripped the players of any chance of getting a significant edge. If I did play there, about the only way I can see to get over on the house would be to walk around backcounting the tables, then grab a seat when the situation looked favorable (they do allow players to join mid-deal). But I really don't know if I should waste my time.

    Anyone have any ideas on strategies that would work in this state, or should I just save my gambling money for the real destinations?
  • It's a great place to practice counting, but you won't make any money. With a 1% edge and a $5 bet, with backcounting you can expect maybe $1 or $2 per hour. You can increase your spread by playing two hands (or more!) in favorable counts.
  • what do you mean streak bets? are you talking about a progression?

    and the casino only allows you to bet $5.00 max??

    not speaking so much from experience, but i dont think its a waste of time. it just takes a lot of discipline about choosing the right table, at the right time.
  • Yep, $5 min bet, $5 max bet. Not a total waste of time, though. I enjoy getting up there every once in a while. Obviously, it's no Vegas, but it's still enjoyable to get up there.
  • wow, i have never heard of that before. $5.00 min and $5.00 max.

    i dont like being restricted. i remember a few years back. i went to a small riverboat casino in Kansas City.
    you could only get into the casino every hour on the hour. so if you left, you couldnt get back in for a while.

    and they gave you a card, everytime you bought in at a table they marked it. and the max that you could buy in for was $500. once you got to $500, you were done.
    the only way you could get a new, blank card was to exit the boat and wait until the next hour.
    it kept me from cashing in my chips. if if i won, i just carried my chips around with me. it was really stupid.

    i was in college and had a very small bankroll, so the $500 rule never applied to me. but i never went back just because i didnt like it.

    i heard that it is not like that anymore. i would imagine that had to change that rule because a lot of people were just like me.
  • Tommy, I play "BLACKHAWK" when I'm in Denver visiting my
    daughter. The game is 6 deck shoe and each position at the table
    has two spots for each player. So you got 10 bucks max per position.
    If you play two positions, your actually playing four hands and this is
    what I do. Mr Ed is correct in saying it's a good place to practice, but
    I have also made some money there.

    New players that are learning to count will have no problem and
    learning to backcount should be a snap because there is no heat
    at all. I think you could stand behind the table and backcount while
    pointing to each card, lips moving and all.

    Stay away from the streak bet........


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