TRIP REPORT(The blind count test)
  • Could only play one session rather than two, but did do the five table
    test described earlier. The results exceeded my expectations what ever
    they were. I went into the thing with an open mind and frankly did not
    know what to expect. Let me first set the stage and then go table by


    One unit is $25 and I played nothing less.
    All $25 dollar tables had that d*m sign up
    All 5-10 tables became my $25 dollar tables


    Sit down at a table when two full decks have been played
    Start counting and use a 1,2,4,6 spread (.5T= 2, 1=4, 2=6)
    Play BS and any index possible

    Table #1

    Went back and forth most of the time
    Deck looked and played neutral
    Made some doubles that helped
    Ended-up 4U up
    I learned something here that I'll try to explain later

    Table #2

    Got a good count after about one deck
    6 Running and was up to 4U at one time
    Then lost some but ended at plus 3U

    Table #3

    Neutral deck right up to the end
    Also, mostly heads-up play and fast
    Lucky to win 2U

    Table #4

    Went in this game after only one deck(will explain later)
    Lots of small cards had come out, but there are other reasons.
    Got up to 4U again
    only won 4U units

    Table #5

    Best table yet
    Dealer bust rate must have been 40-45%
    Average cards and the count said they were average.
    won 8 units and could have won 3 times that with a better spread

    Summary: Was never down more than 2-3 units at any table. What
    came as a complete supprise was I won at every table. The total time
    from start to finish of the test was about 2.5 hrs. I could not have been
    at each table more than 15 minutes(1hr & 15 min total playing time) but
    I won $525.00. A large part of my time was trying to find a table that
    only had two or three players so that I could get more hands in. I wanted
    more hands after I realized that the way the cards were coming out was
    giving more information than I had thought about. The cards to some
    extent were telling me the history of the 2 full decks in the discard tray
    as well as what was to be the future. I wanted more rounds to try an get
    that read and still be able to take advantage of it. Card counters will zero
    in on this and maybe we can understand further what I'm trying to say
    but can't find the words.

    Try this example: If after two decks, the next four or five hands are
    neutral card for card. This tells me that it is likely that the first two
    decks are neutral in weight and that the future is very likely to remain
    neutral. This must be a close approximation if we give any credence
    to card counting theory. My opinion of course.

    I played about 2 hrs more and may have won gas and dinner money.


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