Basic Strategy Revisited?
  • Just reading the book "Gregorian strategy for multiple deck BJ" by Gregory Mannarino. He makes some interesting points for why BS is not correct for multiple decks. He claims that BS was developed and tested using only single decks, and the probabilities are different with multiple decks. Therefore he modifies BS in many ways to fit what he claims are the corrected probabilities (win/loss versus dealer's up card) in multiple decks. Anyone read the book? Any comments?? :?:
  • sage, there are 2 older posts on this page regarding that book. i think the general consensus (and mine) is that the author does a good job of seeling his somewhat suspect mathmatics. for example, he explains you should hit 12 against fifteen because of the fact that there 8 cards that will help a 12 and only 5 that will hurt you.... for some reason he considers a 13, 14, 15, 16 better that a 12, when as far as the player is concerned they are all the same. so if you consider that, there are only 4 cards that help and five that hurt (it wouldnt matter if there 12 that could help and 1 that would hurt- the dealer has over 50% chance of busting- you already have the advantage on a 12 against a 15). anyway, i think its crap

    as for basic strategy being for single deck games only, yes BUT, there is a revised basic strategy for multiple deck games. that is the one you need. there are only a few strategy deviations. find it on numerous websites including
  • Yep, I agree with Drew... different variations to amount of decks that are in play in a particular BJ game are specified in BS itself!

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