Table Max Question
  • If the table max is $5000 and you BET $5000 and receive a BJ would you be paid $7500 or just $5000 since the table max is $5000? I have heard and read somewhere that if the max is x amount, you have to make sure that when you double down that the total does not exceed the max otherwise you will only get paid UP TO the table max. Then again I have heard the other way as well. So what's the real answer???
  • I thought the posted number for table max pertained to ORIGINAL bets only. You should still be able to collect 3:2 payout on BJ's and get paid full on double downs. It hasn't been a question for me yet since my bankroll doesn't support the max!
  • Hah... same here PJ, but hopefully someone knows the answer here.
  • The answer, children, is that you get paid the correct amount. Also, you can double down over the limit as well. At one casino in Puerto Rico all I could find were $5 tables with a $200 limit. Well I had $150 out there on a bet and was allowed to double down. Also I got a BJ on another $150 bet and got paid $225.

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