lack of discipline confession....
  • i had not planned a trip this weekend. but i got a phone call early saturday morning from a good friend who was passing through town. he wanted me to meet him at the casino.

    so i told him ok, ill meet you there.

    i really dont have an excuse. i guess it was just an unexpected trip and seeing an old friend and playing with him. but i lost it. i played like a first timer. a real sucker, that the casino just loves to see come through the door.

    i lost my entire bankroll at my first session. god! im so stupid! i know better than to be such an idiot. i dont know what happened.

    and to make things worse. i didnt stop there. i hit the atm. and played like a moron again. and of course lost it too.

    i am really not sure why im making this post. maybe to help someone out there like me, or maybe to help myself. i learned a valuable lesson this weekend though. i hope this post will help someone learn from my mistake and this wont happen to them. with all of the winning trips that are posted here, i wanted to show what happened to me when i let my guard down.

    as the more time goes by, the more i am realizing ALL of my mistakes.
    i have made a vow not to play for a while. just to make sure that i'm ready the next time.

    please feel free to reply with any thoughts or suggestions.

    and thanks for allowing me to confess.
  • Sorry to hear that Bill. I think most players have lost control, to some degree, at one time or another. They say the more the lesson cost, the longer you remember it. You learned why sitting a losing limit AND Sticking to it, is very important. My last trip to the casino was a losing one, but the four trips before were all winners. You Will have losing trips and you just have to accept that. That "was" my trouble, years ago. I hated to lose so much, I would stay and play trying to get it back. Sometimes I did, but mostly it only made it worse. Better to lose a battle, than to lose the war. Next time you want to play BJ or whatever, only take X amount of dollars with you and I don't care if they do say, don't leave home without it.....Leave your credit cards at home. :wink:
  • Bill, it always hurts to loose. But you can loose even when you play perfectly.

    When you walk into the casino, make sure you have a loss limit. And stick to it. Period.
  • sorry about the butt kicking. you know what you need to do. if you want to win at this game, you have to be like a machine. it sucks when you get all psyched about playing and then lose and have to quit after 30 minutes. but thats the way it goes sometimes. its a game of ups and downs, you will not win everytime you play. the key is not to let the ocassional loss undo all the smaller wins. but you already know all this.

    i can only say you have 2 equally viable solutions.
    1) quit playing, you dont have the stomach for it.
    2) get mad, train like a beast and walk away next time. take a few bucks out of there all the time, and dont give back winnings.

    i suspect you will go with option two...

    we have all been there, i used to do the same thing. now when im up i just stop. if i get to a place where i think i would be happy leaving with this amount, i just quit. even if i have only played five hands. then every once and a while i go expecting to lose or shoot for the moon.
  • Call it disipline or concentration, I too have lost it at times. I'm becoming more convinced the more I play that a good progression system will allow you to work through the dry spells and come out a winner. I personally use Walter Thomason's system, but there are many more from which to choose. Study, study study, practice, practice, practice, and you will become that machine, you need to be.
  • well, i will never forget it. it will be with me a LONG time. it was a valuable lesson. it will NEVER happen to me again. it will stick with me.

    i have lost at the casino before. and was able to just accept that it wasnt my day. but for some reason i could not accept it and just kept chasing my losses.

    but like i said, i learned a valuable lesson.

    i will be ok, but i will never forget that feeling. i was so dissapointed in myself.
  • bill,

    First of all sorry to hear about your explosive impulses. I am pretty bad at that myself, ESPECIALLY after playing for about 4-5 hours with a Progression and my usual flawless BS and after all that time I'd be up like $10 out of a $500 bankroll, or down like $40 which I really wanted to get back! So what do I do? I start betting $50's then $100's until I lost $400 out of $500 then I go over to the roulette wheel and place a large amount on red or black. Luckily for me last time I won but still, I shouldn't be doing all that!!!!!!!!!!! I need to have more DISCIPLINE because for some reason when all that's in front of you is BLACK and GREEN chips, you dont picture the same denominational MONEY as when you have the REAL thing!! I only do this though when I'm pissed I didn't win as much as I thought I would... :lol:

    Anyone can confess to something like this?
  • bug,

    that sounds about the same as me. i use to be really bad. doing all of those things you just described. but i had quit all of that nonsense. until this past weekend. i guess i fell off of the wagon. but i am going back to good sense gambling and a strong game plan.

    the casino is my enemy. thats the way i have to look at it.
  • So what made you drastically change just cuz your friend invited you out? Did your gambling streaks resemble something that of what I had posted?
  • bug,

    i dont know. i didnt really take a lot of money. a few hundred $$. but i usually play good enough for that to at least last me the full day.
    playing along side my buddy was a problem. we both just wanted to sit and play for a while. so i just kept losing, instead of stopping after losing 4-5 hands. i would usually just walk away.

    and once i got down about $50 or $75. i tried to get it all back in a couple of hands. so i started betting $25 and $50 a hand. and of course, lost it too. the next thing i know, i have no money. so i went a took out another few hundred $$. and almost the same thing happened it.
  • Well at least you can be thankful for not bringing that much! Things could have been MUCH worse for you if all you lost was a couple hundred dollars.
  • good point that it was only a few hundred $$. but it was still a lot to just throw away. especially playing like a big dumbass.

    and i know what you mean about grinding it out and not really showing a profit. sometimes that gets to me too. and i start forcing things. its just good old fashioned greed.
    it usually has resulted in losing for me. so i have learned to live with my small profit or my small loss.
  • Yeah, which is what I really need to do as well!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

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