Tipping - What is reasonable?
  • To tip or not to tip... Some players don't tip dealers at all. I believe it is proper to pay for service received but I'm not sure of the best method. I sometimes place a dollar in front of my bet and play for the dealer. I have also tossed a silver coin before leaving the table. I've also played for three straight hours and not tipped anything. Is there an unwritten law somewhere? A nice dealer once told me she depends on tips to make her living. She complained the cocktail waitresses made much more in tips than anyone. Some BJ authors say never tip. Any advice for a novice who wants to be fair?
  • I dont know about everyone else, but I very seldom tip - partly because I always get RUDE pencil-pushing dealers who think they're higher than you just because they are in charge of the table. BUt if the dealer is cool and I'm getting a good streak, I'll MAYBE give'em a pink 2.50 chip or a red chip, but that's about it...

    Besides, the House is already so ahead of you in monetary terms so why give them what YOU JUST WON? Also, the way I see it, it's the dealer's JOB to deal cards so no matter the outcome it's still part of their job...

    That's just me though. You'll get other responses as the day goes on.
  • From what Ive read in numerous books...you should only tip one dollar every 20 hands...and only if you are ahead!!!! A dealer can place the cut card in a more unfavorable position for the players....similar to shuffle tracking, and may not offer deeper penetration into the deck if you do not shuffle. I played last week, and noticed the dealer was only offering us about 60% penetration before I sat down, and no one was tipping. After a lady who was playing with about 3K started winning, she was tossing the dealer about $5 every 5 hands...and the penetration the dealer was giving us was close to 90%. That is reason enough for me to tip a dollar every 20 hands or so.
  • One tip per hour is standard. $1 is normal, $5 if you're playing black chip. If you tip waitresses, you should tip dealers. Remember, a good counter can make a 1.5% profit and if you play $10/hand, 50 hands/hour, your EV is only $7.50, so if you give a $5 tip, that's most of your profit.

    Three ways to tip:

    1. Toss the chip to the dealer.
    2. Place a bet for the dealer in front of your chip.
    3. Place a bet for the dealer on top of your chip.

    All are fine.
    2. and 3. gets the dealer "on your side" because they win if you win.
    3. is not as usual, but it allows you to keep your original bet if you win.

    I use 3. I've never met a dealer who minded this method.
  • Wow!! 1 tip per hour is normal.......... I knew it was low, but I didn't think that low! I see so many people tipping every other hand and I'm like wtf?! Do they have all the money in the world or are are they just STUPID to be giving up all that money to the people that are ALREADY PAID to deal bl00dy cards!!!

    Sigh. Now you know why I dont tip that much.... but if $1/hour is the norm then I certainly wont give even a $2.50 chip on a big BJ win or something close to that!

    3. Place a bet for the dealer on top of your chip.

    ?!?!?! How exactly would that work so they wont mistake it for a regular bet?! Furthermore, I have never seen it done this way.
  • Bug- I dollar toke on top of your bet is set slightly off center. That siganals to the dealer the bet his for hin or her (or you are just a sloppy better). I think most players just place the toke in front of their bet. I just got back from a couple of days in at the casino and I used both methods of tipping. Why place it on top of your bet ? You get to keep $1.00 and the dealer gets the other $1.00. You can now use the same dollar again and again, if you keep winning and want to.
  • Why place it on top of your bet ? You get to keep $1.00 and the dealer gets the other $1.00.

    I dont understand. So I have a green chip bet out, and a $1 chip slightly off-center on top of that bet... so how do I get to keep the dollar AND the dealer as well with only 1 $1 chip bet? Either I win it or he wins it, cant happen both ways, no? Furthermore, what is the proper procedure if I win my $25 bet, does that $1 chip AUTOMATICALLY GO to the dealer or does it just stay there until whenever?
  • Bug-You have $26 bet. IF you win you have $52. You keep $51 and give the dealer $1.00. You can keep the extra $1.00 or again toke (tip) with it.
  • You don't need to place the dollar chip "off-center" on your pile - put it directly on top of your pile.
  • Okay, then how do they know it is not a part of your bet versus it being for them? I dont like this way... seems confusing.
  • Mr. Ed- Of course you don't have to place your dollar toke off center, all that does is tell the dealer it is a bet for him or her. If you place it neatly on top, you can still tip with it if you win, but if you lose the dealer doesn't know if it was for them or not.

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