Near Houston?
  • Hey Folks,

    I'm in town doing some work up by George Bush Airport. I know a lot of you are from the Houston area, where's the best (closest) place to play? How long of a drive?

    Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  • Go east on I-10 to Lake Charles, LA. 29 miles past TX/LA border. Couple of hours.
  • Yep... nearest casino with Blackjack from Houston... You got Isle of Capri @ Exit 27 and Harrah's at the next exit past the bridge.
  • Thanks a ton guys!
  • When are you planning to go up there? You know, I'm going on Sunday afternoon-evening and will stay over. Maybe we can play together. Do you execute flawless BS in your BJ play?
  • Thanks for the invite Bugs!

    I'm actually here now but will be out of town first thing Saturday AM. Then the wife and I are driving to Vegas for a little four day vaca. We got a great $50 rate at the Golden Nugget.

    I think if it were within an hour from here (Kingwood, TX) I'd go for it but since it's about 3, I'll have to pass for now.


    PS - And yes, I bet I play perfect BS about 98% of the time.
  • Why only 98% of the time and not 100%?

    Do you employ ADVANCED Basic Strategy as well?
  • I'd say that I have the BS down pretty cold and the 2% is for the "Hunch Factor".

    What ADVANCE BS to you speak of? What would you recommend?

  • Eddie - There is no such thing as "advanced basic strategy". I tried to explain that to Bughouse Master months ago, but I guess it didn't get through....It's a term he made up I guess.

    Basic strategy is basic strategy is basic strategy.....any deviations therefrom are a result of counting or "reading the table" (of a specific hand) and are derived from observing a shift of high vs low cards from the norm.

  • Eddie, you shouldn't be playing "hunch" AT ALL if you want the odds to be reduced the most... what if you "hunch" standing on your 16 vs. Ace and you have $500 out there and LOSE, only to find out the next card is a 5? That'd be a sad lesson for you. Bottom line: You cant play "hunch"...

    And just ignore Drifter since apparently he doesn't know that there ARE 7 hands in which are so close to call that just by looking at what has been PLAYED on the table can make a difference in the BETTER play. This IS known as ADVANCED Basic Strategy, according to Fred Renzey, a well-known Blackjack author. So who do you want to believe, an elderly man who knows not of ADVANCED BS or someone who has written MANY Blackjack books and is an extreme ADVANTAGE player? Choice seems clearly obvious to me.

    These plays include:

    9 vs. 2 ------ DOUBLE if 5 more babies than 10's
    11 vs. A ---- DOUBLE if 6 more babies than 10's
    12 vs. 4 ---- HIT if as many (or more) 10's as babies
    13 vs. 2 ----HIT if 5 more 10's than babies
    16 vs. 10 --- STAND if more babies than 10's (even just one)
    A/7 vs. 2 --- DOUBLE if 5 more babies than 10's
    A/8 (Soft 19!!!) vs. 6 --- DOUBLE if 5 more babies than 10's
  • Bughouse – Thanks for listing those hands, and making my point for me. The seven hands you show (Renzey’s Magnificant 7) are exactly what I was referring to. These are examples of “deviations FROM Basic Strategy”.

    These are some of the “reading the table” (also known as a ‘board read’) hands I referred to wherein you “deviate FROM Basic Strategy” because of the change in the ratio of high/low cards from the norm in a specific hand.

    You stated, “This IS known as ADVANCED Basic Strategy, according to Fred Renzey, a well-known Blackjack author. “.......This is simply not true. Fred does NOT refer to this as “advanced basic strategy” (because it doesn’t exist).

    For the edification of all of us, why don’t you read Chapter 6 of Fred’s book again, and post the page numbers where he refers to this type of play as “advanced basic strategy”....... to substantiate your above statement.

  • Bug- Your barking up the wrong tree, boy. The Grifter was an Advantage player long before you were pooping yellow in your diapers. He has more Blackjack sense in this little finger, than you have in your head. You seem to think this "Advanced BS" is new, well I hate to break your bubble, but it is not. We have both played this way for many years. He has been there and done that And is Still doing it.....

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