Isle of Capri - 12/21/03
  • Just getting back after spending the night at Isle in Lake Charles. $1000 bankroll for entire night, playing $25 a hand, modified SLD progression (1x-1x-2x-2x-2x-3x-3x-4x-4x), strict flawless BS/Advanced BS (Mag 7)/Offensive/Defensive Hand Interaction

    Arrived ~6 PM last night, ate, played for about 2-3 hours. Started out real strong, getting up $187.50 in about 3 hands with a BJ, split/double down, but that was the MOST I was up for a LONG time. After I was in the hole $500, I decided to take a break and came back for more ~45 mins later.

    This time things went VERY slow, up and down and up and down worse than a see-saw in a windy city, at one time I only had ~$200 left from my ENTIRE $1000 bankroll so I was on-the-edge about losing it all. Kept playing, hit a good shoe, bounced around my previous $500 deficit for about 4-5 hours at the table... I mean, I'd get a little bit of my $500 deficit back but never close to even breaking even until ~5:30 AM had about 2-3 EXTREMELY good shoes!! UNFRIENDLY Dealer broke almost every hand (too bad, no tip for her, haha!!!), hit all my doubles and splits and soon enough found myself $750 UP(!!!!) after being down $800!! Ended up with $675 overall after playing from about 10-6 STRAIGHT, just like an 8-hour shift at work, breaking only to piss and change tables or rest after losing 4 in a row.


    - My evaluation of my play shows that what the experts recommend: 30-40x the table minimum is MUCH NEEDED because if only say 20x was brought I would have been dead after I lost $500!!!

    - I grinded AND GRINDED for the longest after my $500 quick loss. It was 4 am and I was still fluctuating very close to that -$500 area.

    - At about 3:30 am I started getting tired and playing very RELAXED, slouching in my chair, resting my legs on the extra chairs, etc. but KEPT FOCUSED and feel that as long as you do stay focused and play flawless BS it cant hurt you.


    1) Do you feel that $1000 bankroll is fully sufficient for an overnight trip like this? Or is much more needed? The 40x table min.... how long is that USUALLY good to cover? One 4-hour session?

    2) There were times where the dealer would beat all the others at the table and eventually it'd be only 2 of us against the dealer and also me heads up. Playing the way I play, is this in any way disadvantageous to me since the amount of hands shoots way up? Or is it still the "luck" of the cards and it doesn't matter? Why or why not?

    3) [OPEN] This is all I can remember right now as I've had about 3 hours of sleep only... Feel free to ask away and give some comments about my mini-trip.
  • ???

    Come on people. 16 views and not a SOLE has even commented on this topic. What's up?!
  • Good for you, Bug. I had a similar experience across the bridge this year playing red chips. Also, I used to think heads-up play was preferable until I got killed one trip. I have found I can get into winning streaks just as well at a crowded table. Nevertheless, I still like fewer players at the table, and, 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM the best. The experts say, for basic strategy, you lose more per hour heads-up since you are dealt more hands per hour. This also applies to CSM's. So much for my ideas. Glad you came out ahead!

    With $1,000 to blow, do you buy in with the entire amount when you first sit down at a $25 table, or do you buy in for less? (At the $5 and $10 I will buy in for $100 or less. Of course more at the $25 table.)
    Do you start with minimum bet, or more? When your bet has increased to $100 on a hand, do you use a black chip or stay with four greens? Just curious about your techniques.
  • Sweet PJ... no problem asking about how one (I) plays :)

    Hahaha $1000 "to blow" lol man as if I am a rich MOFO right, hahaha!!! j/k

    Actually, this time I bought in for $500 cuz sometimes if I'm doing real poor and see all my other black chips just laying there I get depressed and start betting INSANELY HUGE for no apparent reason and I wanted to drift away from that... heh....

    However, I think that the more you buy-in the more COMP CREDIT you get right? Either way, I'm due for MAD COMPS because of my $25 min. play cuz all I asked for was 3 breakfast buffets :)

    (At the $5 and $10 I will buy in for $100 or less. Of course more at the $25 table.)
    Do you start with minimum bet, or more? When your bet has increased to $100 on a hand, do you use a black chip or stay with four greens? Just curious about your techniques.

    How much do you normally buy-in at $5-10 table? What about $25? Are you normally a red or green chip player?

    As for me, when my bankroll is $1000, 40x the $25 table minimum, I play $25 min. starting bet ALWAYS in order for my progression to work out evenly. I was contemplating on using WT's but average bet is $75 (3x bet) and that'd mean ~$3000 bankroll and I'm sorry I dont got that!!! :(

    When it reached $100 a hand, I stay with the greens cuz I see no sense in exchanging it just for the same denomination... however, me saying this, I have to say that for a little while I bet with REDS just cuz it looks tight after you get about 75 or 100 up there and it starts to look like the leaning tower of PIZZA (mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!!! LOL) You know what I'm saying?

    What about you, discuss some of your techniques.... I forgot if you did before!
  • I thought ALL comedians were rich!
    I built one of those leaning towers one time with reds. I got up one morning, checked out of the hotel and stopped by the $5 table one more time to try my luck, pulled a red chip from my pocket. I just wanted to see how high I could stack those red chips before they fell over. To my surprise I got on a streak early and turned that $5 into $500! Needless to say, my stack got pretty tall.

    I play red chips and do the nickel and dime thing until fortune comes my way. Only then do I start throwing down a green. If I have more than $500 with me on a trip, I may venture over to a $25 table.

    To me, playing blackjack is like bass fishing. When the day arrives for me to go, my heart starts pumping a little faster, the adrenalin starts flowing.
    You don't know what you're going to catch but the anticipation is there. I have to "out-smart" the fish and maybe this is the day I will catch the BIG one!
  • haha, sweet dude! but im not a PROFESSIONAL comedian yet!! heh, i make much more coaching chess & teaching trumpet then comedy yet, i just love performing it at open mics and what not. sometimes i HOST as well...

    I didn't know one could stack $500 of red chips like that!!! cuz 35 reds ($175?) is very tall already!!! Guess i haven't really tried to do that, hahaha... but yeah, I think it's hella tight stacking them so high cuz then when you make a huge bet like that, everyone stares at you like you're a rich-kid from Hollywood or something, lol... anyway, what a streak for you to end up with $500 from only $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Nice philosophy about gambling dude! I gotta remember that! Yeah, sooner or later you WILL catch that big fish!! Good luck on that!

    So discuss some of your techniques too... you do play flawless right? What about offensive/defensive hand interaction, mag 7 recognition, board play changes, etc.? How much is your usual bankroll?
  • Bug, I am not "sweet" or "dude". I'm just PJ. My wife doesn't even call me sweet anymore because, according to her, I talk more to BJ enthusiasts on this forum more than I talk to her!

    No, I am not a flawless player yet. I messed up last trip and split 5's against a dealer 5! Imagine that. My problem is I keep playing when I'm tired and hungry, start making mental mistakes, etc. When my shoulders and bEhind start to ache, that's a sign to quit for the day! (I know you young tikes don't have that problem yet, right? You can go 30 hrs. straight!
  • Ouch, "man!!" Didn't you learn NEVER to split 5's or 10's??? :o

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