house rules at vegas casinos
  • Grifter, midnite, et al --

    I recall sometime ago a source was cited that could be used to find out the various bj rules at casinos all over the country. I've looked back through the posts but can't find the reference. Can anyone help?

    Specifically, I'll be at the Rio tonight and need to put together a couple of custom strategy cards for the tables there -- does anyone have specific knowledge of the rules at the Rio?

    Thanks --

  • Hope it's not too late for you, but look at page 3 of this forum at the category "BJ rules for LV casinos". I went to the Rio in October and several of the Pros here gave me some good information sites. I thought that Rio was TOO young a crowd, TOO many higher stakes tables, but the rooms were NICE and my husband LOVED looking at the dancing waitresses. My husband asked at an empty table if he could play for lower stakes and they let him.
  • Zebra,

    The site you need is $20 for 3 months or $50 for a year. is a free list of Vegas strip rules but it's from Sept 2002 so ya know the info isn't very good anymore. Trackjack costs but from what I hear it is the most up-to-date info you can get. Sorry the post is late :oops:
  • Zebra - Sorry I'm late with this. Yep, I posted about this before.

    I use CBJN.....available through the site. It is published the first or second of each month. Cost is $25/quarter or $12 for a single issue. Excellent data!!

    A good free site is; however, the info there may not always be current.

  • Thanks all for your replies -- and they weren't late at all -- I didn't allow enough time for the answers -- only decided at the last minute to go and hoped that somebody would have been on line at the time of the writing. The trip was decent and for once I actually have an interesting trip report to contribute. Will do so under separate cover.

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