Hand Interaction at BJ (Playing neighbours cards)
  • Hello, everybody.

    Can somebody write on the proper hand interaction at BJ?

    I go to East Chicago Harrah's casino where the majority of clients are retired people with questionable BJ skills. Last time I was there, the lady refused to double on her 11 against the dealer's 6. I wanted to double for her but did not know how to approach it. The game was rather fast so I did not ask the dealer. It seems there are several opportunities.

    1st: Ask the lady if I can double and give her $5 for that opportunity and all double winnings are mine. I toss her $5, make my double of $15 and collect all winnings. Net result is $10 ($30 won less $5 for player and $15 for my bet).

    2nd: Ask the lady if I can double and we'll split the winning/losses and toss her $15. If I win I get $22.5 (initial bet of $15 plus winning of $7.5), if I lose she tosses me $7.5 or will she? Net result is $7.5 win.

    3rd: Ask the lady to buy her hand for $30 (twice the original bet) and double for myself. The net result is $15 ($30 outflow for buy-out and $15 outflow for double, collect $60 for the win).

    The 3rd seems too risky and a lot of exposure for me, the 2nd seems like the least risky but the payout is not that great, the 1st seems like the middle ground.

    Are there experts out there? Are all 3 allowed at the tables? What is the most common way of doing hand interaction?

    Thanks everybody! Good luck!
  • You need to make it a win/win situation. Give her a guaranteed profit and you assume the risk: Buy her hand for $20.

    But know your EV's! The expected profit on 11v6 is about 67%. You'll only make $10 with a $15 bet. If you buy her hand for more than $25, you'll have a negative EV.

    It's a bad idea to share the risk with doubling. When you double you give up your right to another card - something your lady friend will not be happy about if YOU get her a bad card. If you put up the $15 for the double, she'll be pissed if she gets a 2 and wants to hit her 13 (yes, I know it's not BS, but she's clueless in the first place.) A better example is 9v6 - if she gets a 2, she'll be very mad that she can't take another card.

    For a doubling situation, you need to buy her hand. BUT, If she doubles for less, you can top off her double bet. If she has a pair, you can buy one of her hands. You can always buy any hand for less than the EV.

    But, to be honest, I've never done it or seen it done so I may be mistaken. It's not against BJ rules to interact with other players, but then again, it's not against the rules for a casino to kick you out because you are delaying the game, or because you are pissing off other players, or because you look funny.

    I would suggest that you tell people right off that you are "here to gamble and will buy any hand you think is a winner".

    But I defer to Renzey on this topic. His advice will be more valuable than mine.

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