Hand held BJ game
  • "The Game" on this site is great teaching tool. :D
    Do anyone know where I can get a hand held BJ game with both BS, betting variations and a teaching tool in it? Something I can use on a plane.
    My grand daughter received a hand held chess game for Christmas, it is a teaching tool, gives strategy plus she can play chess.
    Is their a BJ game like that? Something like "The Game" on this site.

    In looking on the internet, all the BJ hand held games for sale are too simple, and are not teaching tools.
  • Sage- I am sure that you already have something at home that you can use on the plane.....a deck of cards.
    Just print out the Strategy indexs from the Rules & Strategy on this site, if you are going to be playing a 6 deck game. Use the cards on the plane. Never mind that it is only One deck and don't worry about wins or losses. What you need to write down is the ones that you get wrong and study the correct play. I think this will help you remember the right plays, more than a game will.

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