another progression system...
  • getting ready to head to LV for a couple of days, and i wanted to get people's thoughts on a progression system ive been trying. im sure its got a name, but i cant remember it. anyway, it goes like this --

    Tier 1 -- 1,2,3
    Tier 2 -- 2,3,4
    Tier 3 -- 3,4,5...

    you move up a tier after every 3 wins in a row. after a loss, you drop down to the beginning of whatever tier you were on. if you were already at the beginning of that tier, you drop down a tier.

    hopefully that makes sense. anyway, has anybody used this at all? if so, what are your experiences with it? and even if you havent, any impressions? thanks a bunch...
  • anybody? bueller? hello?
  • I'm something of a progression player, but I don't like the progression you describe here.

    It requires a streak of four wins in a row before turning net positive. It could turn quicker with blackjacks or successful doubles and splits, but on the face of it, it looks like there's a lot of downside early in the series.
  • Try the Mr. Ed System:

    Start playing two hands with 2 units on each hand. Remember how much you add due to splits and doubles. At the end of each round, pull back the amount you added due to splits and doubles, plus one more. Add more chips if you need 2 hands with 2 units. Bet no more than two stacks of 10 chips.

    Each time you make money with this system, send me 10% of your winnings. If you ever loose with this system, it's your own fault.

    As for your system I believe it is called the "Three Tear Progression".
  • jlc, i have played that progression before. i got it out of John Gollehon's books.

    i had moderate success playing blackjack. and i had huge success with a modified version of it at the craps table. but i caught some good streaks at the craps table.

    if you got it out of his books, and you follow his rules. i think its a pretty good strategy. it allows you to win big if you are really lucky and get on a hot streak and it will force not to lose your a$$.

    i havent played with it in a long time though. i have been trying WT's progression from 21st century bj.

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