stupid question
  • If a player splits tens and then draws aces onto split tens -- do these pay out at even money or three to two?
  • even $$$... UNLESS there is a "SPECIAL PROMOTION"
  • Even money, unless of course there are favorable DAS rules then he would double on the 11 on each :wink:
  • very clever strategy -- thanks -- now if you see this play made in a San Diego casino, you'll know who the zebra is.
  • We'll get about one chance - do this move and the casino will have you marked as a counter and you'll be barred. Or if the count is less than +5, they'll just laugh at your dumb move.

    I hope you're not seriously considering splitting tens. It's hard to tell sarcasm on the internet.
  • I'm not considering it -- was just curious about the rule.
  • Zebra, another thing to note is that BJ is any 2-card combination of 21, so therefore, if you split your 10's and get dealt an Ace on either, that is more than 2-cards so therefore would not get paid the normal BJ 1.5x rate but even money instead.
  • zebra said:
    very clever strategy -- thanks -- now if you see this play made in a San Diego casino, you'll know who the zebra is.

    On Saturday nite (1/10/04), I was playing at Pala, a casino in SD county and there was dis cigar-smokin' dewd playing 1st base who split his 10's 4 times. The hand ended dismally wif the dealer screwin' every1 wif a 21 and 3 players leaving. I certainly hope dat wasn't u, Mr. Z :twisted:

    Newayz, I have had numerous experiences where on major hols & weekends when the lower limit tables were packed like cans of sardines, there would be this one mofoen' sumbitch who does crap like H12vs6, splitting 5's, DDhard7vs5, or the all-time favorite DD on BJ :roll: I ain't talking about the newbies who take a little detour from BS. Hell, everyone's gotta start somewhere. The bottom feeders I am referring to r the ones who make those !@#$% plays on a CONSISTENT basis & pisses the hell outta every1 else on the table, even the dealer sometimes :evil:

    I know that I shouldn't be swayed by woteva da f these ignoramuses do being its their own money and they should be able to do woteva da f with it and all :? But I seriously ponder if these degenerates, for the lack of a better term (or mayb a worse one :P ) are under the employ of the casino to herd players toward the emptier higher-limit tables :wink:

    Uh Oh! :idea: Have I stumbled upon a bona fide Casino Intelligence Agency conspiracy theory? :shock: Do they have spies on this forum :?: If u don't c ne future posts from me on this forum, that would mean that they have gotten to me :twisted:

    P/S: Here's a li'l something u could say 2 some1 who's making shitty plays like every other hand: "I read somewhere once that the correct move was what u just did. Yeah..I remember now. It was in the Gambling Times...April 1st edition asamattafact" :lol:
  • "Split tens" is the punch line to a very old joke. Does everyone know the set up line?
  • Larz,

    Asamattafact, I do know a "split tens" joke :wink: However the one I know uses "split tens" as a set up line as opposed to the one you know which uses "split tens" as a punch line :P

    Q: When is the only time you should split tens :?:
    A: When the table is full but your buddies need a seat :lol:
  • Do you actually get angry at the "moron" who makes a stupid play? I get sad, like when I see teenagers smoking or a poor person buying lottery tickets, or a bum buying liquor, but I don't get angry at the people making these dumb decisions. I don't understand where the anger comes from - are you angry at the stupid person, or angry at the casino for taking advantage of them?

    I'm not saying you're wrong for getting angry, I just don't get it.
  • LayZ Boy-
    Same joke, different order: How do you make room for your friends at a full table?
  • Nah. Wasn't me. I wouldn't admit it anyway after you sold me down the river like that. I don't like Pala that much. It's a long drive and the rules aren't as favorable as Barona. Plus they're stingier with their comps.
  • A two card "21" which is not "Blackjack" happens often: when you split Aces and pull a 10. As in the "hitorstand" game, payoff is only 1:1.

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