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  • Playing the game it is not a correct move to double a 11 aginst dealers A but it is aginst dealers 10. where I play BJ at blue chip michigan city indiana if the dealer has BJ u do not have the option to double as in game . If the dealer has an A and does not have BJ wouldent the correct move be to doulble on 11 aginst A
  • I am not familiar with the rules for your casino.... There is a BIG difference if the Dealer Stands or Hits a Soft 17.

  • Doubling 11 vs A is a function of the number of decks, not whether the dealer hits or stands on soft seventeen.....If you are not counting, the correct play is:

    With 1 or 2 decks............Double
    With 4 or more decks..... Do not double
  • Grifter said:
    Doubling 11 vs A is a function of the number of decks, not whether the dealer hits or stands on soft seventeen

    Mr. G, are u positive that H/S17 does not play any role at all in the determination of D11vsA? The reason is becuz I've been adhering to the BS @ like the Bible & it dictates the following:

    H17: D11vsA on 1-8 decks
    S17: D11vsA on 1-2 decks

    Thus making D11vsA functions of both H/S17 & # of decks as well. Thanx in advance for any insight regarding the legitamacy of my BS source becuz I recently switched to playing 6 decks & have been D11vsA with H17 here in L.A. but not with S17 in Vegas.
  • layZboy - You are correct, and my humble apologies to all!!.....It was a brain fart and that will teach me to make a post at 4:00 a.m. without that first coffee. :oops: ...... It is a function of BOTH.

    I will my bust original post and your correction in a few hours so as to not confuse anyone.
  • Hi There :wink:

    I've never heard of this play / move before :? is it any good for on line play :?: where did you hear about this move :?: and what are exactly are the rules for when it is to be / can be used :?: though when a dealer checks for bj and has not got one sounds like a good move or is it :? :?:

    Cheers :lol:

  • I see that you are still thinking its a "reasonable play". For the American version of 21 LazyBoy has it right... But I see your addy is from the UK, where its possible that the dealer DOES NOT take a hole card until the players have determined their hand. This rule changes the game.... as you will not Double Down on 11 even when the dealer shows a 10 value card, or an Ace. The reason is that your Doubled bet is at risk to LOSE ALL. So the answer is partly based on the risk of losing double.

    For the American version, you risk only the original bet if the dealer DOES NOT peek. But, you must include the chance that the dealer HAS BJ. This raises the risk of a losing bet when you have 11.

    When the dealer peeks at a 10 or Ace, and does not have BJ, the situation is covered by Basic Strategy to the best of my knowledge (Please correct me if wrong). This is the decision placed on the strategy cards.

    Note that if Late surrender is offered it is usual for the dealer to peek at a 10 or Ace. In Nevada without Surrender, the dealer still peeks. Elsewhere in the world... especially when playing against a dealer WITHOUT a hole card there is nothing to peek, or there is no peek.

  • Colin563, "While I've got you on the phone", some questions: Do all the
    casinos in the UK require you to sign-up 24 hrs prior to being able to enter
    and play( London has this requirement)?
    Have you played the two casinos in Ireland( Dublin)? How I missed them
    is a mystery.

    How is the game in Scotland and if you know of a good site where I can
    read all about UK blackjack rules? Thanks for any help......................

  • Hi Ray

    As far as I'm aware it is the law in the UK for there to be 24 hour "cooling off " period between you applying and allowed in to gamble, but you can get around this by emailing / posting off the application form ahead of time, like in the case of Gala casinos, where there is a on line application for you to fill in and send off to the particular casino you want to join and when you turn up to play for the first time you are required only to bring your passport to confirm your id, ( and your pic is taken so its you coming back in the future against the membership card you are issued ) as for uk casino site you will find what you are looking for here: and and no I've not been to the ones in Ireland, hoping this helps


  • Hi Ray :wink:

    Here's some more links for info on Casinos in the UK:


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