Are Casinos Really That Dumb
  • I've seen posts about non-counters being suspected of counting. I would think a surveilance tape could be used to quickly determine if someone was counting or not. Are casinos really so stupid they would apply "heat" to someone just because they varied their bets?

    I don't understand why casinos don't LOVE a big variance in bet size. Big variance in bet size means big variance in bankroll. When the big better looses all his money, he goes home. When he wins big, he bets one more time, until he looses it all, then he goes home. Either way, the casino gets the money.

    What am I missing?
  • My vote: "Corporate Profit Squeeze" produces irrational thinking & actions.
    "Blackjack Literacy" produces less losers, more winners and as a
    result more profit squeeze.(on a national bases, a huge impact)

    Just my thoughts Mr. Ed. I'm wondering if it's possible that casinos have
    it in for all winners, regardless of how they accomplish same. It may
    depend on area of the country, casino company,etc.

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