Question about pushes and surrenders
  • If I am using a progession, how do I factor in pushes and surrenders? Do they count as wins, losses, or something else? If I bet 10 and win, bet 15 and win, 20 and win, then push, what do I do? Same with surrenders. Thanks in advance
  • I consider a push to be a "non-hand" (bet remains the same), and surrender to be a loss. Good luck!
  • A pretty comprehensive discussion along the lines of your poser can be found at

    I guarantee that u will not only gain more insight into progression bet-sizing with regard to pushes and surrenders, but also with splits & double-downs as well. Though in the end, I am quite positive that they will serve as mere guidelines towards your OWN decision of either bet-sizing according to net monetary gain/loss or net hands won/lost :!:
  • Hi There

    What pc software is there available for testing progression bet-sizing?


  • There is a wagering system comparison engine on:
    "This engine generates a random sequence of hands to demonstrate the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of different wagering systems." It compares up to a maximum of 500 hands of play either flat-betting or employing various progressive betting systems and gives you the skinny on highest units wagered and units won/lost.

    There is also a blackjack betting strategies testing software on:
    "Blackjack Max 2.0 is able to test such common progressions as D'Alembert, Oscar's Grind, and virtually any other blackjack betting technique that you might want to test." I haven't had a chance to check this one out yet so the floor is open to someone who has :lol:
  • Hi Lazy Boy

    Thank you :D I'll check thoses out, I'm using a incremental type of progression that I'm testing out on fun mode in various on line casinos, and its looking good :idea:

    Cheers :wink:

  • Colin,

    Good luck with your system, matey :) Do not hesitate to share it with us if its working wonders for you :D However, do be careful of those online casinos. I had a rather nasty experience with one of them. Let me put it this way "Online casinos are more than a gamble, like crossing the road. One day feathers, next day bones." Capish :?: :twisted:

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