Heads Up against Dealer
  • Sometimes just to change the pace a little bit after playing for awhile at a table with 4-7players I feel like playing heads up against the dealer. I dont think it matters the amount, but I'm just wanting to double check if the way I play, flawless BS/Advanced BS, WT Progression at a 6 deck shoe, DAS, DA, SA, S17 with ~0.40% HA without any hand interaction if it's okay, meaning if whether I'm playing heads up against dealer or with other players if it is alright.

    Yes, I understand I'll have more hands per hour, but also since BJ is a game of streaks will also have more wins and losing streaks playing heads up only, correct? So with this in mind, playing heads up should be alright, since I'm using a strong positive progression, wouldn't you say?

  • I agree with changing the pace and going one on one with the dealer sometimes. Where I play, the tables are always full and that isn't an option too often, as they close empty tables. It feels really good when you beat the dealer in that situation, but I think it's more fustrating when the dealer is getting lucky heads up. no cool off time. Once at the Rio in vegas, I had a great day one day, and gave it all back to a lucky dealer the next day, heads up. And, on the flip side, I've had good steaks that way as well. Of the people I know, it's just a matter of opinion, some very experienced players like to play alone, some don't. The obvious bad thing about it is, as you mentioned, when the bad days are upon you- and they will be- it is more hands per hour, making your demise that much quicker for that session, before you can even order your second drink!

    For counters- If you've won a bundle on full tables for a few hours, why not go heads up with a simple progression, tell the dealer you use progression, relieve some heat, if you win a little, good, if you lose a little, look at it as a small price to get some curious eyes off you. :wink:
  • Bug, I like to play heads up for the same reasons as you. Another question: Since you and I are non-counters, couldn't we expect to do as well on CSM's? Most articles I read say avoid them. However I have done pretty good with them. Also, since they contain fewer decks, the EV is supposed to be a little better. I know the problem is more hands per hour, (losing hands) but we understand BS is a slight loser anyway.
  • PJ, the loss from more hands per hour is much more than the gain from fewer decks. A regular shoe game is better for the basic strategist.

    p.s. I heard that dealers get more 20's with CSMs than with shoe games. :wink:

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