• THEM: -------------------- US:
    6:5 BJ -------------------- Knowledge
    Auto Shufflers ---------- Patience of "JOB"
    Digital BJ
    Hit S17
    Sucker side bets
    Video BJ
    Poor Pen
    Bad Rules
    No Mid Shoe Entry
    Few $5 Tables
    Slots only Casinos

    Some of the casinos in LV cost over a billion dollars to build. Can you
    imagine what the sq. ft. cost is and what it takes to off-set that cost?
    Now consider the number of employees; their salaries and benefits
    must be around 100k each(min). A $5 dollar table is nothing more than
    another cost to do business; its overhead. So, I guess its only natural
    that these people are a little paranoid toward advantage players and
    may from time to time step over the line in their assessments.

  • Like anywhere else... shopping for a bargain helps. ;)

    I've always been a downtown critter.... but the strip now offers a better choice of rules for my nickel/quarter play. Back east, the DS17 6-deck allows me dime /fiddy cent mid-week which aint too shabby.

    But I love the double deckers out west. If and when I find a DS17... just a quarter/half is plenty of spread. Heck, I'll even play 100/200 on Bow-tie tables. And thanks for the nice meals and return offers!

  • N&B, Have you ever stayed and played at the Bellagio? The reason I
    ask is this is one of the Billion dollar joints(So says Sr. management).
    Room rates and BJ rules are of special interest in relation to how in the
    hell do they recover an investement that large. A hotel with thousands
    of rooms just blows my mind; the casino must be equally monsterious,
    and I suppose, has every game one could ask for. Not exactly the cheap

  • Ray - I hadn't retired yet, and was still in the Architectural/Construction business when Bellagio was built. The lowest construction estimate I ever saw was over three billion.... But they have a good double deck game, ($25 - $100 minimum), and it is a great place to play.

    Another monster is the RIO. Over 2,500 suites and 51 stories, and the walk from one end of the casino to the other requires at least one beer stop. :wink:
  • Grifter, Well I see right now that I'm going to agree with others in my
    family who want a holiday get together in glitter city. I went to the
    Bellagio site on the net and they didn't spare anything there either.
    Maybe I can find a good presentation on double deck games and learn
    something. Riverboats are not to big on glitter, pomp or short deck games.
  • I tend to stay downtown and play the strip. I only visit once a year, but haven't been there in 2003. But from 1980 to 2002 in most places on the strip, I've enjoyed the DS17 double deckers. I like Ceasers $100 a lot. hint,hint.

    No havent been to either Rio or Bellagio. In the early to mid 80's there was very little heat compared to now. You could play anywhere. I didn't hesitate 1 to 4 spreads. Since 2000 I've bet 1-2.... and its tougher to find DS17 at any # of decks. For 6 or 8 decks I played 1 to 6.

    One game I miss is the 4 deck DS17. If the tables were full at 2 decks, I'd move to a $10 4-deck game and bet 1 to 6 with no heat.

    Oh yeah.... there were single deck DH17 all over Vegas in the mid-80's, to mid 90's, but they were almost always full, so I just skipped them and played 2-deck. This 6/5 crud is just way too poor a game. I'd much prefer 2-deck DH17 given the choice.

    But since both casinos have opened up here in CT, as I've said before, the game here is good enough to keep me playing here. DS 17 is my game of choice, and there is little heat. I can start with 1-4 and when half the shoe is gone, go 1-8 if I want to.


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