Little help..please...
  • Taking my first trip to Vegas in March...Plan on doing alot of gambling..but this might sound stupid but could anyone give the little in and outs to better my chances.I feel i got the strategy down pretty good ..but are there somethings some of you more experience gamblers could ideal # of players at table,better seat,sit with high rollers or not,when's the best time to leave table not broke :) ).any info would be greatly appreciated
  • Magoo55, None of the things you mentioned will have any effect on
    your chances to win. Here is a list of items that you should not consider
    at all:

    Number of players
    Where you sit(position)
    Good or bad players
    The 3rd base player
    The dealer
    Number of players that leave
    or enter.
    The card that just came out
    before you hit or stand.

    You have just enough time before Feb. to find out that you may not
    know Basic Strategy quite as well as you thought. Work on that.

    When to leave the table....difficult to say in your case, but for what it's
    worth: If you have several rounds, one after the other, where a large
    number of A's and faces/10's have come out, you are more than likely
    at an increased disadvantage and you should walk.

    There are several things that can help your game that are more or less
    extentions/improvements to Basic/strategy. If you go to this site:, read and study the articles by Renzey and Krigman
    you will have the bulk of these enhancements. I think thats about all
    you will be able to handle in the short term.

  • Order a drink every time the waitress comes by. BS will reduce the house advantage to about 0.5%. So if you're betting $5 a hand, 50 hands an hour, thats only $1.25/ hour. If you get two drinks an hour (tip $1 every other time) you'll come out ahead! Four drinks an hour and you'll do twice as well.

    Good luck!

    p.s. Make sure you know BS PERFECTLY.
  • always sit at a table where the people and dealer are having fun...
    Quitting when your ahead, at any point makes you feel better than the alternative...
  • Thats funny Mr Ed, never thought of it like that but in AC where i play if you dont tip then you get an angry woman hovering over you for about 1 minute. So I usually throw in a couple chips to get her off my shoulder, so i figure that into my money management as well lol.
  • thanks for info :)

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