Playing multiple positions at the same time
  • Hi....I would appreciate any input. Is there an advantage to playing two or three positions on a table at the same time? If I do and I am playing a progression, should I use the same for all positions? Or flat bet on one and use progression on the other? I would be interested in any advice or input........I play at Foxwoods which is 8 deck, Double after Split, Dealer stands on Soft 17, Late Surrender offered, Double on any Card, Insurance Offered....Thanks
  • No. There is absolutely no advantage playing multiple spots. Your chances of winning or losing are just the same with you playing one or two spots.

    If you play two identical hands your variance from some baseline will
    be less. This will have the effect of extending your playing time for a
    given amout of money. However, what you are describing is not two
    identical hands(balanced as regards bet amount) and the results that
    you can expect is unpredictable. For example: Using the exact same
    progression does not produce an equal amount for each bet; the bets
    will, at any given time, be different. The same is true for playing a
    progression for one hand and flat bet the other.

    Try $5 at one spot and $25 at another. You will soon see that the $25
    washes away the $5 bet in short order.

    Sounds like you have good rules..........
  • I think it would be interesting to play two hands independently with the same progression. Keep your results separate. See which spot wins. Why not?

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