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  • I'm new and never played in a casino. I want to play the grand martingale and was wondering what the max limits were for that table in most casinos, especially Reno.
  • Martingale isn't well-recommended, simply because chasing your 1 loss 6-7 times for just that x profit is not reasonable, not to mention that you're never guaranteed to WIN just because you've lost the last 10 straight, but if you want to try it out on your own, go for it.

    As for table maxes, they range from $2000 to at least $5000, in Vegas much higher.
  • HSHEA:

    There are some interesting things about the martingale that you may
    or may not be aware of. It's true that the probability of losing 6 hands
    in a row is less than losing 5 in a row. Ten in a row is less than 9 and
    so on. But, and a big but at that, is when you have lost 5 in a row, what
    is the probability that you will lose the next hand(#6)? The probability
    that you will lose #6 is not related to the fact that you just lost 5 hands;
    it is the same as if you just entered the game and are playing your very
    first hand. I dare say that many gamblers believe that the results of the
    last 5 hands is an indicator of a greater potential to win that 6th hand.

    The best example of this mis-conception is the typical "SPOT" better and
    it goes something like this: The spot better will typically count the number
    of hands that he has lost in a row. At some magic number, say 5, he will
    bet 8-10 times his normal bet because he truly believes that having lost
    five in a row improves his chances to win the next bet. Poor Guy.........

    Table limits in my location are: $5-$500, 10-1000, 25/50-4000. Most
    casinos will have a "Cap" that covers most games including BJ. How the
    high roller sections are determined, I just don't know.....................

  • Sorry about my spelling(HSHEA) MSHEA..........

  • thanks for all your help guys, really appreciate it.
  • Mshea-Did you get the PM that I sent you, reguarding the Martingale ?


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