What is your average hourly win rate for on line BJ?
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    What is your average hourly win rate for on line BJ? :?: I know every one has there own way of playing whether it be using the normal bs or their own one, or flats bets raising only when winning or doing some other sort of staking that works for them, this is purley for on line playing not for land based, and based say on $5 stakes, just interested as to what some people think to them is not bad ( say they think $25 a hour on average is doing ok :roll: ) compared to say some one else using some other sort of bs or staking ( they win $55 a hour on average and thinks that is doing ok for them :shock: ) just interested in as to what hourly rate I should be aiming for or what would be the min I would be expecting if playing well :lol: thanking you inadvance :D

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  • Last Friday-Sunday I made my records:
    Intercasino, 30min of play, +391$. (80d+80bonus), min 5$ bet.
    UKbetting, 35min of play, +150J, (50+50), min 1$ bet.
    William Hill USD version, 40 min of play, +162$, (40+40), min 1$ bet.

    used Parlay progression described by Mickey Day. You can find it in the Internet, just put on search "Parlay Progression".

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for you the reply :) must give the Parlay progression a try see if I can have the same luck with it as the results your having :shock: 8)


  • JHuxley said:

    used Parlay progression described by Mickey Day. You can find it in the Internet, just put on search "Parlay Progression".

    Hmmm...found references to this, but no actual description of. Anyone?
  • There...http://gamblinglinks.com/art000502.html

    it's better then Martingale system, but from my long experience of usage - Parlay-progression is vulnerable for "win-lost-win-lost" streak, 'cos it takes you up on a high bets area. Things would be even worse when you have a loosing streak of 5-6 losses "sitting" on high bets. It breaks like a zipper on your jeans.
    Knowing this I normally set up a limit for my winnings and losses -
    winnings: 10 - 30 units, 10 unit is a "don't take me!!!" buffer, 20-30 units are a winning play.
    losses: if I lost half of a parlay-progression serie.

    I tried to wash out online casino bonuses using Parlay and in one session- this didn't work, because the level of current wager requirements went through the roof, say for Intercasino it's 2000$, for WilliamHill USD it's 1200, for UKbetting it's 1500. As you've seen above - Parlay gave me a good start-up, then it began "unzipping". A good strategy would be -
    1. Stop and log-in next day,
    2. Change to flat-bet,
    3. Apply to other progression or strategy.

    I prefer to play Parlay when I use my own money and when I'm playing BJ tournaments. (My favourite is 9-stage parlay).
    My very first experience of using it was in online Brandycasino, in it's russian affiliate (I'm russian:-), I reconstructed a bit 5-10-15... progression to 0.50-1.00-1.50-... to use my small "trial" bankroll of 20$. I played there over two weeks. My winning limit was +15-30$, average play time was 30min. After these sessions of play I made a nice profit of 160$. Then, I think, I was cought by casino staff - my last three sessions were a loosing one - a lost 60$ and cashed-in. Software began playing against me, dealer had 20 or 21 in 90% of the time. Since that time a draw out a conclusion - online casinos like "brick and mortar" ones dislike advantageous players who wins on a constant basis. A way out is to make a week break or more in between sessions in one particular casino and "be back" when you are not waited.

    best regads from Russian BJ mafia.
    www.onlinecasinos.ru we have an English forum over there.

    Good luck!!!

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