New Casino??
  • Connecticut may have another choice to play. Bureau of Indian Affairs just legally recognized the Shaugitcoke (spelling?) tribe of Kent. Word is that they plan on building in Danbury.

    However, the state's Attorney General is filing an appeal.

    Wait and see I guess...
  • There NEEDS to be a casino in Texas, damnit!
  • Bug, have you been to the Texas Treasure gambling ship at Port Aransas?
    I've played once. I think I'd rather drive the miles to LA instead.
  • NO where is that and what is offered there? How far from Houston?
  • It's about 35 minutes from Corpus Christi at the Port Aransas ferry. The ship goes out 9 miles into the gulf. They had only 8 deck games when I was there. You pay anywhere from $15 to $30 to board the ship, depending on which day of the week. Each trip is about 4 hours.
  • Oh I see... that's quite far. But thanks for letting me know about it, I'll have to remember that whenever I go to Corpus :)

    Also, when we gonna hit up THE ISLE?!?!?! We gotta gamble together just so that I can see someone FINALLY play some FLAWLESS BS baYbEe!!! You know what I'm saying? Idano what your schedule is like now, but summertime we've gotta definitely hit that place up!! What chu think about that?
  • jm...
    don't hold your hand on your @$$. Bluminthal, town of Kent, The Kent School, CL&P, et al. have a lot to say about "the reversal of fortune" the BIA presented. I don't think the two other tribes with recognition care too much either.

    Don't forget the Eastern Pequots from Stonington area also have a valid claim by the BIA. There could be a 3rd casino in the same area as the first two.

    Quite frankly, CT doesn't want another one/two casinos. But that is Rowland's gov't speaking, and we know whats been coming outta that mothpiece has been manure for quite some time.

    Just like Weiker HAD to pass that state income tax before the first two casinos opened. Competition for the $$$$$$$. Snack food tax any one ?

  • I agree Nickels. I don't really see this happening either. It was amusing however, to hear the other two recognized tribes welcoming the Schaugitcokes, and congratulating them. Like they really want the competition...
  • amusing indeed.... IMHO both tribes would rather have a third casino on the Schagticoke reservation, than in their own back yard.

    It will interesting to see the land dealings.... Danbury don't want it and Kent don't want it, and i think NYS has a moratorium on tribal land exchanges. Perhaps the town of Cornwall can be persuaded. ( jct. US 7 and CT 4)


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