book review
  • First of all let me give you a bio of me.

    I am 64 years old and live in California in the winter and Minnesota in the summer. I play BJ 2-4 times per week.

    I have often wondered why a company that offers a game would sell books and little cheat cards to tell the player how to beat them..

    Cline states the same thing in his book. Cline bases his playing on percentages of winning rather than counting. I have tried his method and have had about a 70-80 percent win rate. In other words after playing 10 days I have won 7 days.

    I do not count cards as I have enough to do just adding up my own hand and the dealers hand.

    I contacted Mr. Cline and he is now offering me additional information on how to win for $295.00. I am hesitating on spend this amount of money until I get more info from Mr. Cline as to what I would be getting.

    I have been playing at casino with a blind player and he plays very much like Cline does and he always walks away with about $2,000.00 per day since I have been watching him.

    I make my living in the Computer industry so I feel I have very good logic but I am still looking for a good money management method. The 1 - 3 - 2- 6 looks good but try to win four hands in a row.

    I also have played a lot of country music and enjoy blackjack as much.


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