• A new personal best - I just finished the HitOrStand game with $5775.
  • Awesome. Did you use any progression or flat bet?
  • I did something I would never do in real life: I bet my entire bankroll until I hit $500, then half my bankroll until $1000, then I divided my bankroll by the number of hands remaining. Of course, I went bankrupt about 50 times before I survived this stupid strategy. But now I have bragging rights of $5775!
  • Damn! I had $3235 and bet it all on the last hand - I lost :cry:
  • Clicking the bet button @ 5.00 a click, up to 3000.00 is quite a feat in itself :)
  • FYI Mike-
    You can simply click in the bet number area and type in the number!
  • RUN FORREST RUN!!!!!! :roll:
  • I just managed to finish with $5776 :p

    Dont ask how many many games to took to get it just right =]


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