Cutting the Cards
  • I play at a 6-deck shoe in Lake Charles, LA with the most advantageous rules except the Surrender rule. We can double after split, double anything, you name it and still the house maintains a 0.44% adv. after playing perfect BS.

    I was wondering if there's a way to grab an advantage by cutting the cards a particular way, or if there's anyway to SEE the value of the card. I did read, in one of Scoblete's books that there was a team of 3 that would occupy an empty table and one of them had the uncanny ability to cut 23 cards from the end of the shoe and they somehow saw the card they cut. I would like to know more about this, and if there's a certain way one can cut the cards to use it to their advantage.
  • If the dealer is dealing correctly, you will not see any cards during the cut.
  • So there is ABSOLUTELY NO way to take advantage of cutting the cards?! What about in the example I provided?
  • BuGhOu§eMASTER, (by the way, how is your handle pronounced?!)

    not exactly the same topic about which you're asking, but in my experience, if the house's cut (where the plastic yellow or red card goes) is deep, the player is better off. Most houses have a slot in the side of the shoe to cut the decks at the same place each time...about 4.5 decks deep into the shoe.. some casinos (Blue Chip in Michigan City comes to mind) do not have the slot and therefore the dealer cuts where they please. Usually they'll put it back by about the 5th deck.. for the progressive player, this lets you see more of the good cards, ride a hot shoe longer, or give a 'bad' shoe more time to turn around.

    My two cents.. anyone else agree?
  • Um, Bug + House + Master ...

    And why does the House get advantage if the cut isn't as deep and vice versa?
  • Bug,

    i was trying to say that if the house cut is deep, meaning there's more hands played for that shoe.. the player has the advantage of seeing more 'good' cards come out before a reshuffle, and the momentum for the shoe lasts longer... for the progressive player, this is advantageous as a positive shoe can last longer, or there's more time for the shoe to turn around. (and though by the same logic a crappy shoe would be lasting longer, the progressive player is less concerned with it b/c he is minimizing his bets after each lost hand.)

    i have seen my blackjack buddies win more frequently at casinos with deep cuts. perhaps it isn't attributable to my logic above, but for what it's worth, my 2 cents.

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