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  • Ok, after a month of play on a sim, of what I've learned is called the "cancellation" method, I'm really comfortable with the results, and ready to try it out in real time. In the sim, I've been using $500 as the pre-determined amount, and have been hitting it, or a few units shy, or surpassing it, about 90% of the time. I understand the importance of the bankroll, and I feel comfortable with 5K. So far I've never had to dip below 2K, and even in that case I recovered. (Now I just have to convince the wife of the importance of the bankroll).

    I've also now been able to mentally do the sequence, even if it gets quite long. If it gets incomprehensible to follow, I'll cut losses at that time and start fresh. Also, if down more than I'm comfortable with, I can restart the sequence, and get back to my initial point.

    Yeah, it sounds pie-in-the-sky, but it's been working for me. The most important thing is having enough bankroll to complete the sequence.

    My idea is to try twice a week, alternating at the two casinos here, with a goal of $500 each time. And to walk, once the goal is hit.

    Now I'm wondering, assuming (and that's a big assume) that this is successful, does a $500 win twice a week (at two different casinos) draw too much attention? This is the only obstacle left that worries me. My thinking is that 500 is small potatos to them. I hope. Any thoughts?

    (Now to convince my other half that this all makes sense)

  • John: Since you're playing a progression, the casino most likely won't care what you win in the short run... They just assume that they will get it back in the long run. I've been playing on one casino ship in South Florida for over five years now, have won LOTS of their money, and they still welcome me with open arms. Good luck!
  • Walter - Have you played the Casino Princessa out of Coral Gables? I played it for 3 straight nights back in April. Not too crowded, nice folks. Won 600 1st night, lost 400 2nd night and won 900 third night. :D
  • sld: I've played on this boat several times, but I'm not crazy about it. Too far south, with three ships within 20 minutes of my house. Next time go north a bit, and I'll comp you on the good boats! Gourmet dining and a show on one of them...
  • Thanks Walter I'll remember that!

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