Hot to Cold horror story
  • Friend back from Vegas played at Excalibur last weekend. Her table got into a hot stretch where most were winning and after an hour of it running like this she had gone from less than $100 to over $800. Then she started losing and when she still had $700, decided it's over, as did another guy doing extremely well (she suspects he was counting). Two other seats occupied by a young Canadian couple who asked "Hey where are you going? This is so much fun, don't leave" to which my friend said, "Don't you see, it's over? Quit now." They didn't. Next day my friend came back and asked the dealer what happened to that couple. Answer: They lost the $2000 they were up (which would have paid for their entire trip), went to the ATM to take out another $1000, bet it all on one hand in a desperate move, and lost. Think about how that flight home must have felt.
  • I have a similar one... I was up in Niagara Monday and i watched the whole table get rich - a guy bought in for $45 and colored up for $370. I was finally able to get some action on the shoe, and made a decent amount but ended up giving it back because the table had a really bad swing ringht after that - oh well. At least I got lunch comped free.
  • Yeah.. I lost my ass off in Vegas back in June... it would be quite messed up... seemed that everytime the dealer got 15 or 16 they'd draw a 6 or 5 RESPECTIVELY!!! That happened for like 3 hands in a row in one instance... REALLY pissed me off. Almost makes you want to think that they were CHEATING to do that, you know ? This was at the Riviera, same hotel the National Chess Open was held.. but man was it bad! I play flawless BS as well, but that entire weekend I couldn't get a single break. :x I did put $100 on one hand and won that though, LoL. Had I lost that that would have been ROCK BOTTOM, ok?
  • I have won $1,200 in a matter of 15 minutes, and have also lost $2-$3K in about 30 minutes on multiple occasions. Swings of a couple hundred in an hour are routine.
  • What was the table min. and how much were you betting? Also, what was the peak wins and losses?

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