Disturbing trend in Vegas
  • Just got back from my annual Vegas trip (and I wish I was still there!), and noticed something I don't like one bit. Seems most of the hotels on the Strip are going to a 'dealer must hit soft 17' format. You really have to search for 'dealer must stand on all 17s' tables. I talked to a pit boss at MGM about it and she said get used to it. More and more of them are coming in all the time.

    At most casinos you could find a $10 stand on 17 table, but not all, and you really had to hunt for them at most places. For example, if you want to play at the Bellagio, and you don't want to play at a 'dealer hits soft 17' table, you've got to play at a $50 minimum table or higher. And this was in the middle of the day on a Monday. I imagine it's even worse on weekends.

    As a BJ player like you, I was not encouraged by the pit boss' words. I'm afraid what I'm going to find the next time I go back.
  • Hitting soft 17 gives the house .21 extra advantage. The following site lists what the Vegas strip rules are, I don't know how up to date it is. All the Vegas downtown houses are listed as Hit Soft 17.


    Playing the games with the least house advantage is a key point as far as I'm concerned in giving yourself as much strength as possible. Note what the 6:5 for blackjack does for the house advantage, might as well play craps instead.

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