Multi card soft 18
  • I think there may be a bug in the strategy, where the player has a
    3 or more cards soft 18 against a dealer's 3-6, he cannot double
    so he should stand, but the game flags that as an error. The basic
    strategy page doesn't say what to do when you can't double, which
    in most cases is "Hit" but soft 18 is an exception, where he should
  • You are correct, Guest. The game accepts a hit as being correct in this situation (three or more card soft 18 against dealer small card up). Every basic strategy I've ever seen calls for standing when you can't double a soft 18 with dealer small card up. I've had this come up several times and even tried doubling one time to see what happens. Got an error then, too, since doubling on three cards is not allowed with this game. The only option the game accepts is to hit, which is incorrect.
  • Another flaw is how the game deals on splits. After you choose split, it automatically deals one card to the left and one card to the right, then puts the pointer on the left for your next decision. The correct way would be to deal just one card to the first split hand and you decide what to do next, and after you reach stand or bust, move over to the other split hand.
  • Yes... has he corrected these problems yet?

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