Playing Backward
  • Lately, I've been backed off of a few casinos so I"m looking for ways to disguise my play. I'm not a big player and am no real threat to the casinos (so I thought) before getting backed off. I play Renzey's KISS III and spread $5-$50 in shoes and $10 - $50 in single/double deck. I thought at such low stakes that most casinos wouldn't notice but I guess I need to add some cammo. I'm proposing playing backward some of the time at a single deck game. Suppose I play $25 off the top and lower my bet to $5 only when the count drops. Perhaps I would only lower when the count drops and I lost my hand. I could then periodically switch between this backward method and my traditional method to add cover to my play. Is this an insane idea? Will I be sacrificing too much? I don't recall seeing this idea in the blackjack literature (Wong, Renzey, Snyder, etc.). Also, since this site appears to be dying, could someone suggest other BJ sites of value.
  • Before I would continue to play dollar high hand in low count when winning I would first drop my max bet to $45. For some unknown reason I believe one green with 4 red draws less attention at a $5.00 table then 2 green.
  • I hardly ever have green to bet. I usually just stack up the red. I believe that my major mistake is camping out at tables for long periods of time. I'm going to try to hop around from table to table and casino to casino so it is more difficult to keep track of my progress. I think that most casinos don't really recognize low roller counters but do notice when you are winning or at least not losing. I'm also going to try to take a bit more time deciding what to do with my hands rather than instantly knowing what to do. It seems like even "veteran" players take time on some of their hands.
  • Just you ever rat-hole any red when you play? If not just start slipping 4 or 5 in your pocket at every table you play for more than a half hour.

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