New to casino gambling
  • Greetings experts! Sorry for the obscenely basic question, but I just don't know. From the time I sit down, what is the basic process for the ante and subsequent bets?

    Once I'm down and have my chips do I set the ante down, then receive my cards? Then based on that do I then choose to place additional chips down on the table?

    Again, sorry for the basics of the question but while I've played blackjack before, I've never done it in a casino. Thanks!
  • There is no ante in blackjack. You are never forced to provide additional chips to your initial wager. That would be terrible.

    On instances when you want to insure a blackjack while the dealer is showing an ace, some places require you to put up an additonal 1/2 your wager for even money, most places don't. You will want to do this when you're counting cards.

    Good luck.

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