Pit Boss called me out!!!!!!!!
  • I've been playing at a local casinos winning $300-500.00 every single day for two weeks straight. I would play no more than 30 minutes and get up and leave without hesitation once I reached my goals. This occurred at the very beginning of my card counting career. I thought winning $300-500.00 per day was conservative and it would not draw too much attention to me.

    One evening, I was playing and winning. Then a shift change occurred. The new shift pit boss was asking the exiting pit boss about which players had club cards and which players bought in how much. When it came to me, the exiting pit boss announced out loud pointing at me, "that guy don't have a card. He's a CARD COUNTER."

    I was in the high roller room. The room became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Needless to say, I got up and left. Everytime I go back to that casino, I always experienced "heat" from the pit bosses. They would come over and try to distract me by starting up BS conversations with me; stand next to the dealer and watch me play; change dealers on me; talk on the phone and look at me; have waitresses come to me every 10 minutes to ask if I wanted drinks.

    It was not that funny then, but it is now when I think about it.

  • Haha. That is HILARIOUS. Especially with them trying to distract you all the time. Hahaha. With the waitresses, and all (I guess it depends how they looked too ;-) ). That must have felt akward. So, are you a card counter? ;-))) Or did you lose 300-500 dollars a day the next two weeks?? haha.

    I would take this all as a big compliment :-D

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