BJ rules for LV casinos?
  • I once saw a site that described each LV casino and the BJ rules for each. Does anyone remember where that was? I'm going to stay at Rio, has anyone anything to report on the BJ there?
  • D, try
    I think you will find what you need there, if not send me an e-mail and let me know what kind of info you want. The Rio is a Very nice place to stay.
  • Another site is
    The information is from 2002 but I think it's the best you can get for free. Signing up on
    will get you current conditions but it costs $20 for a 3 month subscription.
  • I just got back a couple weeks ago. Most Strip hotels have 'dealer stand on all 17s', but you have to hunt for them. I didn't make it off the Strip, so I can't tell you about the others.
  • D. - I know Midnite's advice about "Kistor" is good because I told him about that site :wink: , and I'm sure BJFan's is too but in my opinion there is a better one.

    Most serious players recognize CBJN as "the" source for what you are looking for. You can access it through "" and click on CNBJ at the left side of the page. It is updated and released on the 1st day of each month, and you can get an e-mail single issue for $12.00. It has everything you want to know, and more, about current casino rules, etc.

  • Thanks for the information.
  • About Rio, D, if you haven't gone yet- it's a very entertaining place to stay. Lots of distractions, nicely dressed waitresses, free show right in the dam casino itself; look up, you'll see some hot chicks dancing in mechanical floats- on a track on the cieling- during thier show times. good clubs there for nighttime entertainment, nice bar on the roof called "Voodoo Lounge (may have spelled it wrong)", nice pool area for the ladies while we play BJ. bad things about Rio- It's off the strip, not really near much else. there's one casino next door, an older one, Goldrush or something like that, maybe Nugget Land, I forget. but as my luck sucked at Rio, I went next door to that one and had a couple good sessions there. Alot emptier, probably more locals. otherwise, your taking a little trip to reach another casino.
  • Oh yeah, the BJ- similar to what's found on the strip. dont remember seeing 1 or 2 decks, though I wasn't looking for them. I played one sessoin at rio and it was a losing one. The Rio definately follows the strategy- Lower your players concentration via audio and visual distractions. The rio does also house one of the best buffets I've ever seen.
  • Yep........The RIO's buffet and their cocktail waitresses are rated No. 1 in LV year after year.
  • Thanks for the information Jedi. I'm sure my husband will enjoy the hot chicks, I just hope they recipricate with some handsome hunks for ME. Hopefully all the distractions won't discourage my newly acquired counting skills. We got the rooms for free and thought we'd try the suites at the Rio. If not, I know there's a bus that runs every few minutes to Harrah's, where we usually stay.
  • Oh yeah, my husband will enjoy the pool, while I play BJ. :wink:

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