• When the dealer has BJ, and the player does not, the player looses immediately. The game allows you to play out your hand. This becomes a problem when the player splits Aces or 8s against the dealer Ace - this just won't happen in a real casino.
  • I agree, that's not realistic at all...especially if you're looking at how much you won or lost for the game (betting strategy) in addition to your % of correct moves. If you're only concentrating on getting BS down and making 100% correct decisions, I suppose it doesn't matter for the purposes of the excercise.
  • Not so, Mr. Ed,

    Some casinos don't allow their dealers to peek under aces to prevent accidental (or intentional!) flashing of the hole card to a player, either at the table (1st or 3rd base) or across the pit.

    In casinos (in Nevada, at least) in which dealers do not peek under aces, the second hand resulting from a split, or the amount of a double-down is returned to you if the dealer has blackjack. The house does not win more.

    The house is not increasing its advantage, although it's annoying to players and slows the game.

    Michael, Professor of Chipology

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