Card Counting
  • OK, got basic strategy down and reconize all plays now. Ready to learn counting and think, from what I've read, that speed counting is the program for a beginner. Any ideas?
  • Speed Count is about the worst count you could find.
  • what is card counting? hello!
  • I can give you a tip about horse racing, and dog racing.
  • any comments on card counting?
  • Knockout Blackjack is considered the easiest as you do not have to do Truecount conversions.

    Hi-L0 may be the most popular. It is used by most teams.
  • I think everyone should start with Hi-Lo then possibly expand from there for something you may like more.
  • Speed Count is aweful just learn the basic Hi Lo with Illustrous 18 and your good to go, what you need to understand is camoflauge and all the legal aspects and street smarts of the game.

    I remommend Richard Marcus's Card Counting Course along with Katarina Walkers Spanis 21 book, if your interested in Baccarat Counting Richard Marcus's course is good there as well. Read up on Casino Heat and Laws pertaining blackjack.
  • you will be good to go !
  • I am pretty sure that HI/LO is the most popular. It has the added benefit of being one of the easier to learn. Cards 2-6 are plus cards, A and 10 value cards are minus one, and 7,7 and 9 are neutral. Also, if you are playing on a shoe game, you need to be able to convert from running count to true count on the fly.
  • How much RTP improvement is actually 1 point in true count giving you? And does anyone know what is the average difference of RTP estimated by true count and real RTP?

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