I have a new blog
  • Hi everyone. I was looking for a way to contact the sysad for these forums and cant seem to find it. I have a new blog that I just stated in December and was hoping to post the address of it here so that some of the users here might get some useful info out of it. I am also looking for feedback (abut the blog and its subjects) and questions to answer (in the blog).
    I have been working in casino surveillance for over 25 years and am happy to provide players with the knowledge that I have about the subject. I do not wish to be labeled a spammer, however, so I wanted permission from the sysad before posting the URL. Someone please let me know if it is OK to post a link to my blog or not. Thanks, Jim
  • Hm, sounds interesting. I want to read this blog!
  • my curiosity is piqued.

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