Should you choose to attack someone
  • Today we would like to share a piece of important news for you. Some changes go into Deadman Season 3 Mode this week. We think it is necessary to provide some RuneScape gold guides for you. There are some relevant information you must know in advance.The Skull, Logout within Deadman Season 3 Mode have been reworkedYou may discover that the Skull, PJ, Logout and Teleport timers within Deadman Season 3 Mode have now been reworked. When you initially Skull, you will now receive a 15 minute Skull timer.

    From this, re-skulling will result in 2 minutes being added to the remaining time with a maximum time of 15 minutes.For example, if you were skulled with 11 minutes remaining and attacked an unskulled player, your timer would increase to 13 minutes.However, should you choose to attack someone over 30 combat levels lower than yourself, your timer will be set to 30 minutes. We feel this is necessary as, with the increased incentive to go on rampages, we still want to ensure fights remain somewhat fair.

    The new changes give players more opportunities to escape teamsPreviously, as long as a player was attacking another player, they couldn't be attacked. Following today's update, the length of the standard PJ timer remains the same, however you must be under attack in order to be protected by it. On top of reworking the Skull timer, the PJ timer has been tweaked to give players more opportunities to escape teams.In order to improve solo players chances against clans, Jagex have also shortened the Teleport and Logout timers to 7 seconds. This means that, should you force a break in combat, you'll have 3 seconds in which to escape via Teleport or Logout.

    To reduce the likelihood of low level accounts being used to PJ, Jagex have also made it take much longer for a player who is a far lower level than you to be able to jump in on a fight.With only one week left of the Deadman Season, you've not got long to qualify for the next Deadman Invitational. Be sure to jump on and train up to RuneScape gold buy secure your chance of winning $10,000! If you need cheap deadman season 3 gold to make your characters more stronger, than just come to RSGOLDFAST buy it with 6% off code "OSRSDM".The RSGOLDFAST Team Guide & Rewards of OSRS Halloween 2017 Event

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