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  • I did a forum search, but haven't found much relevant discussion of this. I'm curious if anyone here has had a try at the online casinos. You know, the ones that require a deposit to open an account, and you play off that. My common sense tells me that they are probably a rip-off, and I've seen discussions that the programs were set up to favor the companies (more so than a real casino), but I wonder if anyone has had actual experience with them. How would they be able to regulate how you play (counting, written aids, etc.)? I have no intention of trying them, just wondering.

    (PS: I'm very happy with my combination Bruce Irwin/Thomason system so far!)
  • Let me preface this by saying I've never played online (for money).

    And I never will. I just don't trust them because it would be far too easy for them to manipulate the odds however they liked because you're on a computer and not looking at a real deck of cards. I could see any number of ways they could manipulate odds (whether it's a straight %, or if their odds go up as your average bet goes up, etc.), and you'd never know. There is no gaming commission to regulate online casinos, and they're offshore, so why wouldn't many of them cheat?

    I could also see them rigging the 'free' games on their sites to pay out more than usual, only to switch to the rigged game once you're playing for real.

    As Dennis Miller used to say, 'that's just my opinion, I could be wrong'.
  • I actually played at a few online casinos a couple of months ago. In total i won about $1000 between 3 casinos in blackjack. I only lost about $300-$400. So in the long run i am still UP at the online casinos. I dont play them any more though, i feel safer at real casinos. There is no way to count cards with online casinos as most of the reshuffle the deck after every hand.

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