• A suburban Chicago newspaper referenced this site about 2 weeks ago in a regular gaming column, and I've slowly been catching up on old posts. Entertaining and educational- nice combination.

    I'm a serious but recreational player. I've been going to LV for 30 years and have been going 10-12 times a year for about the last 5 years. If nothing else, I've got my share of real world experience and war stories.

    I'm not a math guy, but have used both counting systems and progressions at various times - most of my own creation- probably not that smart a plan- but I've had alot of fun, and some success along the way. With some homegrown variations, I'm also a basic strategy player. To me, money management is a separate skill to be practiced and learned, and is a partner with proper play of the cards and good betting technique.

    Good luck to all of you. Larz.
  • Larz - Welcome to the group. I think you will find this a pretty darn good forum. Lot's of fine people and we are not continually at each other's throats like another site I'm sure you are familiar with....and BOTH counting and progressions are discussed freely here.

    Sounds like you been 'around the block' a time or two as far as experience.....thirty years of going to LV. That's about the same as me, which is another way of saying "we are not of the younger generation". :wink:


  • Larz- Welcome aboard from another 30 year vet. of the BJ wars. The Old Kid, Midnite.

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