Trick the Dealer
  • Has anyone done any research on tricking the dealer? I remember several times that I got the dealer so engaged in such a conversation that she paid me twice for the same win, and another time paid me for a loosing hand.

    Any ideas?

    How about saying, "YES!" when you make a 5 card 22, or saying, "everybody wins!" when the dealer pulls 5 card 21?

    Or how about grinning and saying, "Come to Papa!" when the dealer is about to take your losing bet?

    I've never tried to trick the dealer on purpose, but plenty of times I get them so distracted they make mistakes (sometimes in my favor).
  • You must be quite talkative and animated, Mr Ed. I let other players distract the dealer. The other night the guy at first base was a major high-fiver, and he liked to sing too. Several renditions of "Oh, Donna" for our dealer (named Donna). Also he wore an Arizona Diamondbacks hat that had a band of flashing lights (the batteries died later, to everyone's relief). He made frequent requests for more beer too. I got paid on a push, as I recall, and almost got "pushed" on what really was a loss, but she caught herself.

    Is this the sort of stuff you do to distract the dealer? :wink:
  • I'm usually pounding beers, smoking a cigar and telling people, "Do what your gut tells you, don't worry about what the book says."

    I used to try to help people and give advice - try to explain what's going on with the numbers behind the game. I found that led to arguments and hurt feelings at the tables. Although occasionally, I do find an intelligent person at the table who is willing to learn. Then I put out the cigar and have a civil conversation.

    Now I save my intelligent comments for forums like this one. :)

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