Trip Reports
  • This trip was short on dollars and long on fun. I had a rendezvous with my best Buddy and we both managed to stay in the black, after several hours of play. I had a ball and I am already looking forward to the next time we can get together.
  • This trip was short on dollars and long on fun. I had a rendezvous with my best Buddy and we both managed to stay in the black, after several hours of play. I had a ball and I am already looking forward to the next time we can get together, and hopefully make a few more units per hour.

  • Good to see our players doing good and haveing fun doing it.

    Just got back from BJ trip myself-Vegas. I was able to bring in some money at the tables over the duration of the trip, but just gave it back to the slots (the lady wanted to play Megabucks since it was "due to hit" being at 17 million+) so overall, it was a breakeven trip with alot of fun.

    my blackjack sessoins would have ended down, had it not been for my last hand. at the New York, New York, I was down for the session and it was time to go. I did something nobody should do, I put on one hand, what was left of my bankroll for the day. I was comfortable with losing should that be the result. Of course I draw a 10 against dealer's 4 and have to double. Here I go, pulling out money that was to be used for show tickets that day. I draw a lousy 4, but the dealer busted. I had to leave after that hand regardless.
  • jedi- Thanks for your trip report. I had hoped others would post their results. I think some may not want to post their losing trips, as it may make them seem to be "bad" players. Guess what, we "all" have them. I will be playing Wednesday and will post the results, good, bad or ugly, when I get back.
  • My trip report is a couple months old, but I'll go ahead and post it (since it was the last time I was allowed out to a casino)... :D

    Went to Vegas the last week of August for 3 days. Stayed at Luxor (don't think I'd stay there again - didn't like the location at all). The first day, we arrived around 10am and headed out from the Luxor around noon (after each dropping a quick $100 at the tables there). Headed out and went over to the MGM. Ended up all staying at the MGM for several hours. This was one of my favorite places, even though I dropped another $150. Our dealer was hilarious and we (me and 5 friends) had a table all to ourselves for the day. We were mostly playing $10-20 per hand, but the pit boss liked us so much she comped us all at the buffet. We also got cut off (for alcohol) at the table. I didn't know they did that in Vegas, but apparently they do. Jagermeister was probably a large reason I lost the $ at that table. 8) Shots seemed like a good idea at the time... Ate dinner and headed in for the night. Decided it wasn't a good idea to play anymore in the state I was in. Probably a good decision.

    Next day, we got going in the early afternoon and headed over to the Mirage (one of my other favorites). Played for a couple hours there and lost about $30 or so. This was my last losing session of the trip, thankfully. We then went over to Caesers where I picked up $130 at the tables and watched a preseason football game (Broncos vs. Colts) in the sportsbook. Caesers renovations are very nice. Headed out and landed at the Aladdin where we were at a table that could do no wrong. Our 3rd baseman was a big fan of splitting 10s (every single time he got a 20, no less) and he kept winning doing it and eventually, he had the guy next to him doing it, too. I didn't want to leave because we were still winning, but after he took the dealer's bust card AGAIN while splitting 10s (when I had $40 out on a double), I decided it was time to go. I know Fred says the other players' play shouldn't bother you, but he was grating on my nerves, so we left (he probably wouldn't have bothered me so much if he wasn't such a moron. He'd get after players for playing right and try and convince them to do what he was doing). I left Aladdin up about $130 as well. Headed back to Luxor and played for about an hour, then cashed out for what I bought in for and went to bed. It was late and I was tired. At this point, I'm only down $20 for the trip.

    Got up the next morning and headed out to Mandalay. I bought in for $100 and was down about $60 after about an hour or so. Since everyone else was about ready to go, I hit the $25 table (which I usually only do if I'm up) with my remaining $40. For the first 10-12 hands, the dealer and I traded off wins. No pushes, either. I had a little streak up (including a BJ) and then was down to $20 again. Pulled a $5 out of my pocket, put it down under my $20 in chips, and turned it into $325. It was a great streak. I won or pushed every hand and played until I finally lost my lucky $5. Tipped the dealer $25 and left the Mandalay up $195. We headed back to Luxor to eat before we went to the airport (had some comped buffets at the worst buffet I've ever eaten at - don't ever pay for Luxor's buffet. Mirage and MGM, OTOH, are very tasty and worth the $20 they cost for dinner). I had 20 minutes, so I hit another $25 table real quick and won another $100. Then I went in the sports book and laid a $50 bet that paid off after I got home.

    Net on the trip, I won $325 and had a great time. Too bad I won't be able to go back until next August... :cry: Until then, I have to live vicariously through you guys.
  • You've got plenty of time, Buffarino. I remember you mentioned that Buffarino Jr is only a few months old, which, unless you're David Letterman, means you're a young guy too. When Jr gets older and has other interests, you'll have more chances to get away to the tables. And by then your state may have made the same pact with the devil Arizona has made, which gives me the convenience of three casinos within a 20 minute drive.

    On my last "trip" ten minutes away, I got dealt two 8's vs dealer's 10. Some of the other players gasped at my bravery as I split them, and then split again when I got another 8. "Man, he's crazy!", I heard one guy mutter.

    First 8 gets a 3, I doubled, then got a 10 for 21.
    Second 8 gets a 2, I doubled, then got a 10, for 20.
    Third 8 got a 9 for 17.
    My original $10 bet was now up to $50.
    Dealer got 18. So I won the two doubles and lost the one hand that had 17. Four out of five ain't bad. Those are the fun hands.

    While some of the others didn't realize that all I was doing was completely normal basic strategy, the funny "little old lady" beside me knew it was exactly right. She was the only other player consistently playing correctly. And she and I were the only ones not getting up after losing our stake or needing to go to the ATM.
  • Yep, DD, Buffarino Jr. is only 5 months old. I know I'll have plenty of time to do that stuff, but I don't wanna wait! I wanna do it now! :D

    I do have 2 Vegas trips to look forward to next year, though. One is our annual August excursion with the boys and the other is for my 30th birthday, the wife and I (without Buffarino Jr.) will be heading out for a long weekend. She's never been there (and isn't much of a gambler, but maybe I can teach her BS and get her to play some BJ with me).

    CO does have limited stakes gambling, but I hope it stays there. I don't want full-on gambling here. Too much of a temptation...

    I love hands like you mentioned, too. Makes the game fun.

    The August trip we took in 2002, my buddy was up something like $5,000 and was playing black chips (he's normally a green chip kind of guy). He laid $200 out for the bet and got 8's. Split them once and got another 8. Pulls a 2 or 3 on one of them and doubles it. He's got $800 out there on one hand and the dealer busted. Talk about a good hand! He then decided to visit the high rollers room which was a bad decision on his part. He still ended the trip up around $1,000-1,500, though.
  • Played Laughlin for the last 2.5 days.....Good trip......Pretty routine, didn't have any big swings one way or the other......Results

    Playing Time............. 16 hrs.
    Won/Loss................ +34 units
    WinRate/Hr.............. +2.12 units

  • Back from trip to Connecticut. Total time played at Mohegan Sun approximately five hours. Sunday and Monday evening lowest minimum "real" blackjack tables were $15, but on Tuesday there were some $10's. Didn't count. Too tired. (Business trip, so not much mental resources left by end of day.) Won 15 units Sunday, lost 23 units Monday, won 22 units Tuesday so my net on Blackjack was a gain of 14 units. Plus I won 30 units on other games so overall I'm up 44 units.

    Dealer stands on soft 17 at Mohegan. That made me a winner twice when I had 18. Generally the players seemed less generous in tipping than they are in Vegas or here around Phoenix. I had someone downright rude complaining about me doubling on A/7 vs 4. He was pretty clear: "I'd nevah double that. You shoulda stood." Also was told by another player "you been readin' from da book da casino wrote" when I hit on either 12 v 2 or 12 v 3. I've heard about this ignorant saying before but this is the first time it's been addressed to me in real life.

    Classy lookin' place, but dat crowd's sumpin' else. I can imagine what it's like in AC. Out west they're less aggressive about displaying their ignorance.
  • Out west they're less aggressive about displaying their ignorance.......

    That's funny :)
  • I got to the casino about 6:30 p.m. Sat and they had a decent crowd, but not real busy for a Sat. evening. There were several tables with only one or two players. I parked on third base and played about three hrs. Up 21 units. I was getting tired, so I took a nap and came back at 2:30 a.m. I now have a table all to myself. New dealer, her first night. She pays Me, when She has the 21. I tell her and she takes my chips. A couple of hands latter I double with 7-4 and draw a 9. I think my honesty is been rewarded. She draws to a 21. So much for that theory. :wink: Shortly two young guys sit down. They double down Every time they have 12 and the dealer has a 2/6.
    I think it is dumb, but I don't really care. Its their least for a while, it is.
    Dealers Zinger : I now have a sharp dealer and I have a $1 toke up for him. I have 19. One of the guys DD with his 12 and draws a face card. The dealer then draws a 5, for 21 and asked the guy "Do you know why we have to say, Player doubling on a hard 12"? The guy says "No". Dealer says "Because it sounds better than Hey, some idiot is doubling down on a breaking hand" It went over his head, I guess, because he just laughed and kept doing it. A few hands before, he doubled his 12 against the dealers 6 and drew a 4. The dealer then hit his 16 with an Ace. The guy lost, but it made my 18 a winner. It goes both ways.
    Total for the trip. +44 units in about six hours of play.
  • Last day of two day trip to Lake Charles. Up 60 units. Checked out of hotel, stopped one last time at crowded $5 table with CSM. Placed $5 bet. Drew out to 21. Next hand also drew to 21. Next four hands same results! Chipping up now. Still winning, dealer bustin'. Half hour goes by. Couple of blackjacks. Time to go home. Turned that $5 buy-in into $505! Sure wished I had started with a green.
  • got back saturday afternoon from an overnight trip.
    not a good trip for me. this was probably the worst that i have ever done.
    i got down early and fought my way back to almost even. the way things were going, i considered that a success. so i didnt play again until sat.
    i had the same results. so i stopped and just watched others play.

    my wife on the other hand, continued her winning ways.
    this was only her 2nd time to seriously play with bs on her own.
    the 1st time was a couple of weeks ago.... she doubled her $$ then.
    this trip, she won about 3 times her originaly bankroll.
    she mostly flat bets, very rarely does she up her bet.

    its hard for me to convince her that the odds will catch up to her eventually and that she needs to find a progression system.
    she will not consider trying to count cards. she says its hard enough
    to remember bs.
    she tells me that she is winning, and she doesnt want to change.
    when im sitting there "not" winning, its hard to make an arguement.
    i think as she gains experience, she will learn. she has done really well and is excited about learning more.

    we will probably take a day trip next weekend. hopefully i will win along with my wife.
  • It seems as if this was a busy weekend for a few of us. After a stopover in L.A. (to surprise my daughter on her birthday), got to L.V. Thurs. 3:00 p.m. Stayed at Rio- where I've been for the last 2 years.

    Weekend had alot of swings- up 60 units, down 100 units. finished the trip yesterday morning with 27 hours of play at Rio, down 12. Not too bad considering how it was at some points, and saw Simon and Garfunkle Sat night at MGM to boot.

    2 hands worth mentioning: Playing heads up at Mirage with 6 units bet and pulled a pair of 6's to the dealers 5. I wound up splitting the 6's a total of 3 times (4 hands) with one double in there for a total of 30 units on the table and lost them all to her 21. Ouch.

    I sat down at a table ( 3rd base) late on Saturday at Rio- the place was packed and I was lucky to get a seat at all. I could tell right away they were all unhappy, and seat 2 was angry and drunk (as opposed to a fun drunk like me). Halfway through the 2nd shoe, I hit my 12 against the dealers 2 and busted, and she made her 21. All 4 at the table either slammed their fists down, glared at me or said something about my stupid play. I calmly (more or less), asked what I had done wrong, I hoped they could educate me but after all it was my money. With that no one had an answer other than my play cost them money. For me, it's still supposed to be fun, so I colored up what was left and moved on.

    Anyway, the weekend was fun, weather mediocre, food terrific, and the concert great. Going back the weekend after Thanksgiving for a tournament. Anyone going to be there?
  • Dog I play there quite a bit, and some of these J E R K S, jerks jerks jerks are unbelieveable. Imagine playing advanced Basic and you SHOULD hit 10-2 vs 4.... But thats the reason MS and FW are so grand a palace. In the 11 yrs of CT 21, there is one constant, and thats the wealthy idiots at the table, and their loudly professed 'wizdumb'. They always seem to ATM before me... but they're right for not splitting 88 vs. Ace. I dont think so, BOO-BOO.

    Yogi... aka N&B
  • i posted my trip from sunday on another topic. but i thought i would post it here also.

    well, my wife won again. she didnt double her $ but she ended up with about a 75% profit. this time she used Walters progression. she loves it.
    she is really happy that she used it. this makes it 3 times in a row that she has won playing BJ. and really only about the 6th or 7th time that she has even played BJ. but at least she was smart enough to learn the game before she just plunked down her cash.

    I screwed up. I didnt start with the proper bankroll. and lost a couple of splits and double downs early in the day. it almost wiped me out. so i had to stop. I just didnt have enough money walking in there. i thought i could win early and i would be ok. but i was wrong. i ended up losing about 50% of my bankroll.

    i am learning that a small bankroll is killing me and now that i think about it........... it has probably been a problem for me for a long time.

    hopefully in the near future, I can post on here about my winnings and not just my wife's.
    but at least one of us won.
  • Midnite has requested trip reports, so here ya' go.

    Finally had a good trip, and I was overdue....This has not been one of my better years of over the last thirty or so. In fact, it has been a downright 'lean' year.

    Played 26 hours in Nevada over the last 4 days.....Played all double deck, in six different casinos......Won 156 units.....Cards fell consistantly 'decent' and I had no huge swings either way.

    I realize my measly 6 units/per hour does not measure up to most of the great wins that have been posted here lately.....but I'll take it. :wink:

    I see the site has been active while I was gone, and that is great. I read most of the posts, and have some comments/concerns about the posts on the Ace/Five Count and also about some general statements about counting from an eight deck player that are simply not true. I will respond to them tomorrow, but right now I am going to kick back, pop a Bud, and relax.


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