strategy, 1 deck versus N decks
  • Anyone know the logical underpinnings as to why there are minor variations in basic strategy, per the commonly published tables, with one deck versus multiple decks?

  • Yep. The cards in play have a bigger impact on cards remaing with but one deck.

    If you have 7,7v7, what are the chances of pulling another 7? With one deck, it's 1/49=2.0%, with 8 decks, its 29/413=7.0%
  • Mr. Ed, I always appreciate your posts. You say things clearly with minimum fuss for us non-math people.
  • You are quite welcome, D.

    I get a lot of enjoyment with the numbers behind BJ and I try to share a little bit of that fun with others. I'm glad to see it's working! :D

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