seek the truth? post any method of advantage....
  • Hello, I am new to this whole internet message board thing, but not new to blackjack. Anyhow, I have found this board to be the most fun and easiest to use. I decided to post a few comments because it appears there are some true gamers in here. Different view points, different strategies. It seems that all teh other boards are just a few like-minded individuals touting the amazing benefits of whatever they proclaim and trying to crush the pipe dreams of all the newbies. In here it appears that some of you are genuinely interested in looking at new ways to beat "the game."

    having said that... I employ a few different methods of advantage play. I count, track, and play a progression. sometimes all at once, sometimes by themselves.

    When i first became a seeker if the truth, I wanted to know everything everyone had tried that worked at all. I just wanted to win. So, I am now calling all you advantage players to spill the beans. I wished there was a place where I could find progressions... exactly hwo to play them, for free. Counting strategies are easy enough to find... the way counters love to derail progression players, makes you wonder if thy arent all just progressionists trying to keep it in the family so to speak.

    whats you method? what worked, if only for a while?

    progressions, card sequencing, forcing, shadow play, glims, shuffle tracking, tells, counting, wonging?
  • Drew-

    You will certainly find a good number of progression players here including Walter Thomason author of Twenty-First Century Blackjack. I admit I haven't used Walter's progression in real life yet (got his book after my last gambling excursion) but I have used the Dalh progression. It's easy to follow and if you get on a roll of wins, can be fairly profitable. I think I made a couple of hundred on my last trip (wasn't too picky about keeping calculations) and didn't have to worry about remembering the count or looking suspicious or focusing too intently on the cards.
    There are others on this site with their own progressions. Perhaps they will share their wisdom as well.
  • Progressions, however fun they may be, DO NOT ALTER YOUR ODDS in the game.

    Betting systems can never overcome a negative expectation game. Check of you don't believe me.

    Now, counting, perfect basic strategy, shuffle tracking, etc.......yes. These things will help you win in the long run, and hook you up with a percentage as high as 102% if you are an excellent counter.

    But remember that betting systems DO NOT alter the odds.

    Please understand this before you commit to one. If anything they just change your voltality, which could rise or fall depending on what you do.
  • Another thing about progressions:

    Positive progressions: Little "risk". You'll have frequent, small losses, ocasionally a nice big WIN. (like the lottery)

    Negative progressions: Lots of "risk". You'll have frequent, small wins, ocasionally a horrible big loss. (like life without insurance)
  • As many of you know, I am a big proponent of betting progressions, having invented my own 007 progression (xx, 2x2x, 3x3x, 4x4x and back to x); however, after my last trip I must say that in the long run it's the splits and double downs that really make you or break you. If you really get hammered with alot of cash out there on a multiple split or double down situation, it will take you all night to get it back. Case in point: I'm playing at the $50 table and have won 3 hands in a row when I slide my $100 bet out there and get dealt 2,2 against the dealer's 5. I split and get two more 2s. Then I get 8,8,9 and A on the 2s so I double all 4 hands. Now I've got $800 out there. I get 18, 19, 18 and 20 on the 4 hands (Not bad, right?). Well, the dealer rolls over a 4, then draws a 2 and then a K and I get it right up the backside for $800. So whaddaya gonna do, it's gambling right? It took me 4 more hours to grind my way back after that. Point is, IF I JUST WIN THAT ONE HAND, I'm golden for a long time.

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