Anyone tried the Gregorian Strategy for Multiple Deck BJ?
  • Hi Folks :D

    I recently bought the "Gregorian Strategy for Multiple Deck Blackjack" book by Gregory Mannarino, and I am interested in hearing from any one who has tried it out whether on land or at a net casinos to see if it works :?: whether you used the flat betting he recomended or you used a progressive betting system :?: thanking you

    Cheers :wink:

  • Colin-As they say in New York.... ..Forgetaboutit
  • The Gregorian Strategy recommends 28 basic strategy changes from the standard multi-deck basic strategy. Among them are to hit all 13's against a dealer's 2 thru 6.
    There are probability distribution tables available from other sources that state how often you'll win and lose each hand by hitting and by standing, and they show that you should stand with these hands. The author claims that since the cards are somewhat biased rather than random, the probability tables are invalid.
    So I got out my six deck shoe and removed a 10/3 and a 5. Using a standard casino two pass shuffle, I stood 1000 times and played out the dealer's 5 as normal basic strategy dictates. I won 409 and lost 591 putting me 182 bets down.
    Then I started over, taking one hit to my 13 and if I didn't bust, played out the dealer's 5 until I had another 1000 of those. I won 350, lost 598 and pushed 52 to put me 248 bets down.
    These results were a little off from what the probability tables say for that hand (-162 by standing and -254 by hitting), but standing was still better by a clear margin.
  • Hi Fred :D

    Thank you very much for your interesting reply, it looks sticking with the normal basic strategy for mutiple decks is still the way to go, looking to buy your Blackjack bluebook II book as well, but it seems to be out of stock in UK book shops here so going to order it in, thanks once again

    Cheers :wink:

  • Renzey, did you literally shuffle 2000 times for this exercise? Wow! that's commitment!
  • Mr. Ed said:
    Renzey, did you literally shuffle 2000 times for this exercise? Wow! that's commitment!

    Haha... NO KIDDING! I'm just reading his post now, but daYm!!! :shock: :shock:

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