Atlantic City Blackjack
  • hey guys,
    how is everyone doing? I'm headed to atlantic city tomorrow for some blackjack fun and I was wondering if any of you knew which casinos have the best overall blackjack. By best overall I mean niceness of dealers/their ability to speak english and overall general atmosphere. I've only ever played at the tropicana and it seems that they only have 8D games so maybe there's somewhere with 6D games or maybe the dealer was just lying to me or didnt know when I asked (it seems almost every dealer there has no grasp on the english language). Any and all help would be appreciated! thanks!
  • Borgota is the best blackjack in A.C. by far. Mostlly 6 deck with auto shuffle and hand shuffle. (not continuous shuffle) 5 10 and 15 dollar tables usually available. They won't raise the table minimums as long as you continue to play. Good rules with friendly dealers. A classy casino.

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