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  • I am going to Las Vegas again this summer for the 2004 National Chess Festival, and am wondering if you all can tell me the BEST BJ casino rules favoring the player on the strip. I'll be staying at Sam's Town Hotel/Casino and the Riviera, 2 nights each.

    I stayed last year exclusively at the Riviera but got my ass completely WAXED at the tables!! (I knew BS flawless last year) The dealers couldn't bust! Having hard 15 & 16 and pulling 6's and 5's all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm hoping this year can be much different than last year! :shock:

    Heh, maybe this year when I go I can not only win big at the tables, but alsso the $2500 U1800 sectionalized prize, but that too will be very tough, knowing as many sandbaggers that compete in Nat'ls... :(

    So please, lemme know the best casinos to play with the best rules (possibly surrender?). Thanks a lot!
  • Mandalay Bay or Bellagio would be my favorites.
  • Bug:

    I stayed and played at Sam's Town in Tunica a couple of times. I found their games to be about as good as any and expect LV to be no different.

    In LV my best place was the Stardust for years because I knew one of
    the floor people and did not pay for anything for several years. On two
    occasions, the west coast family and us mid-west folks met and stayed
    at MGM (a family reunions thing). I played their games and as you know
    its a short walk to many others. Unless you are looking for a specific
    game, say double deck with so and so rules, I think which place to play
    is a matter of perception rather than fact.................................

  • BuGSTER,

    Check out for the 411 on the best accomodations, restaurants, buffets, shows, games etc. in LV 8)

    Of course theres always but not all the info there is up to date :roll:

    Best SD games can be found downtown. If ur playing the strip, 2D games r pretty much the same everywhere. From what I heard, Caesar's offers a pretty decent 6D S17 & comps good too. My buddy got the whole RFB enchilada spreading 50-100 & an occasional 150 approx. 5hrs/day :lol:

    Btw, if ur scouting for good comps, steer clear of Venetian. My cousin who works there told me they give the shittiest comps becuz they focus more attn on increasing revenue via conventions. If the pit critter asks u for a player's card & u don't have one, don't bet on the critter offering to hook u up wif one even if ur @ a 25 min table :?
  • LayZboy, One of your links paints a bad picture of LV compared to
    what I knew from years ago. It looks like 6:5 blackjack is played
    more than I thought. Is it limited to single deck as your link seems to
    suggest? Also, the "PEN" seems to be bad most everywhere and I
    wonder if that is wide-spread or only at a few locations. I've heard
    about the Barbary Coast and their heat toward winners, count or not.
    Maybe these Mid-West river boats are not as cheap/bad as I have
    been thinking.

    H17 is also everywhere, that was not the case years back.
  • Thanks guys!

    I was basically wanting to know however the casinos with the best rules for Blackjack, the ones with the lowest HA.

    Can I get some info on that please? Thanks!
  • Ray,

    6:5 bj is exclusive to 1D in LV & it sure is at more places when I was there last month and last year compared to when I was there 2-3 years ago :evil:

    Dun have much to offer regarding the pen on 6D as I have been playing only 2D whenever I was there. On 2D they have that notch thing on the discard tray that ensures pen to be close to half a deck at most of the places I have hopped on the strip :?

    Lastly H17 is all over the strip except for those places mentioned otherwise in the link. Thats why one is still better off playing downtown or at indian casinos not in LV. In fact I found a sweet indian casino 1 hr from L.A. (where I am at) with S17, dealer shuffle, 75% pen & am thinking of never going back to LV to do any serious gambling again :lol:
  • Actually at the Riviera where I played last year it wasn't H17, it was S17 rather. So are there NO CASINOS on the strip that offer Singledeck 3:2 BJ? All pays 6:5? How unfortunate!
  • If the Bellagio info I have is correct from skister, I would try the Bellagio 2D S17, or Ceaser's same. Bring plenty of $, as these are at least $25 min. or $100 min. stakes. Last updates were 7/03 and 2/02 respectively.

  • Okay, I saw some stuff online... but what's the HA on Bellagio? And what about Stardust? I saw they have DD and is right across from Riviera too right?! Anyway, where can I find info about Stardust BJ odds? Their website doesn't tell me anything... I'm all about STATS & HA and finding the BEST strip casino to play at ONLY!
  • 2D S17 DOA DAS RS4 has HA= 0.17%
    6D S17 DOA DAS RS4 LSR has HA = 0.31%

    1D H17 DOA noDAS BJ=3:2 has HA 0.14
    1D same as above BJ=6:5 has HA 1.38

    Good Cards

  • Last thing I see for STARDUST is fromm 2000, 2D DOA DAS RS4 HA 0.17, but that ANCIENT NEWS.

  • Are there any 1D places that have 3:2 BJ but allow you to DAS & S4? Or is it listed what's best offered?
  • Hello???????????????

    What is DOA & RS4 (re-split up to 4 times?)
  • Bug,
    Dead On Arrival or Double On Any two. You got the RS already, I think.
  • Thanks PJ.

    Can someone answer my previous question now?

    Are there any 1D places that have 3:2 BJ but allow you to DAS, DOA & RS4? Or is it listed what's best offered?
  • The casino in teh J.W. Marriott (can't remeber the name) had a 1D game that reminded me of school yard BJ. Damn near anything went. Split as many times as you like, surrender, double after splt, etc.

    It's fun for awhile, but so many people get confused and with a single deck they are almost always shuffleing.
  • You mentioned had, so I'm guessing that it is no longer available?

    Anyone know some 3:2 BJ 1D games in Vegas I should definitely check out?
  • you may not like my answer, but when your at the riviera, walk across the street to slots o fun. it's a cheap little casino owned by the mandalay group (suprising) but rumor has it, it may have 3:2 single deck, s17 on one table, i'd bet a black one that if that's not the case, they've still got the lowest HA on the strip or close to it. low minimums there, but that doesn't mean you have to bet low.
  • Slots of Fun

    When I was there last 2 years ago they still had $1 blackjack tables. Good rules too. Only .34% house edge. Also all the Heiniken you could drink while you played.

  • Yeah I actually played there and noticed the quite low table mins, and graveyard $1 min!! Hah... yeah, quite nice if only I didn't lose my ass off that's all.
  • Played $10 BJ at Flamingo just three days ago and the pen was around 80 percent... my eyes nearly bugged out. Count never turned favorable and the dealer was pulling 5s and 6s to his stiff hands, knocking me around like his biatch. Ugly.

    I'm not sure about resplitting, but El Cortez has a $3 single-deck with 3:2 BJ payout, and I'm pretty sure DAS.

    Unfortuantely I think they either did away with their $1 craps game or it was just a busy Monday night at 3 am when I was there this week. :( I loved that place for their dollar craps with 10x odds.

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